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September 5, 2013
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OC dump part 1 by snakes-on-a-plane OC dump part 1 by snakes-on-a-plane
More OCs yay... part 1 of 3 from those sketches.
In case you were wondering why I have so many OCs, I 1) Need a lot of background characters 2) can't help but attach a backstory to all of my designs and 3) will need to fill in a whole lot of gaps once I start killing canon characters. Plus it's interesting to see what kind of OCs people will be drawn too... and it's just fun for me I guess. I get to do a lot of cultural research in any case :P

(For this group Dar is my favorite)
So for this round we have:

Dar Hmida, a shinigami of Algerian descent who was born in SS. She's the 7th seat of division 2 and part of the Onmitsukido, and has been serving since the later years of Yoruichi's captaincy- in fact Yoruichi was a huge role model for her. Dar strives to be the fastest shinigami in the Gotei some day, and is a rather serious and hardworking woman. She has a playful (thouogh you have to be close to see it) and quite competitive side, and can sometimes let her temper get the best of her. To those under her command, she is seen as either an efficient and hard working leader or a cold bitch who doesn't know how to connect with people. Her rather aggressive and ambitious nature makes it hard to connect with her, as well as her intensity, but past that she can be a loyal and unwavering friend, if quite possessive.
Dar is 6'3" with a thin but muscular sprinter's build, and has rather lanky limbs on a lankier torso.

Aiko Hayashihara is a shinigami of Japanese descent from a small family of shinigami. She is quite mellow and soft-spoken, and on the job is all bussiness. She actually has a character sheet- snakes-on-a-plane.deviantart.c… that needs a few adjustments
She may or may not be taken, I have to ask if that would still be a thing

Klara Yevtukh is a shinigami of Ukranian descent who died at age 30. She was a former gymnast in her past life, and the build carried over to her shinigami self. Klara is the 8th seat of division 6 and she and her partner are in charge of mission and watch scheduling for the division. Klara is a feisty, rather boastful individual with a lot of pride, and takes everything people say at face value. Her strength of character easily bowls over and intimidates a lot of people, and she has a high level of energy that makes people wonder if she's got a permanent caffeine drip in her veins. Klara's combat specialty lies in strength and agility, and her direct and brutal style have slotted her an officer's spot for when Division 11 opens back up. Her combat capabilities and battlefield presence make her an adept leader, simply because it's hard not to feel motivated with her energy on your side.
Klara is 5'5" with a stocky and rather blocky muscular build

Ben is an anthrogami crow who's father is the Aspect Crow (from native american mythology). Crow is on very bad terms with Ben's uncle Raven, however Ben seems to have inherited his uncle's mischievous side. Like most halfspect children, Ben is only vaguely aware of his heritage, and was raised by his shinigami mother in Soul Society (Now CrowxHis mom was a reaaally interesting experience, heh heh). Ben has two names, one from his father and Ben from his mother, which he uses out of ease. He is the 19th seat of Division 7. Ben himself has a slight greedy streak, and a very large mischievous streak. He is rather good at manipulating and tricking people, though he doesn't do it often. Ben is not very ambitious, and would rather stay under the radar for several reasons- one, so he can enjoy his job without a terrible amount of stress, and two, because he endured quite a lot of ridicule in his early career because of his looks. Though words don't affect him much, he just would rather not have to deal with the animosity. As a fighter, Ben is fast an agile, but light and not very durable, and prefers hakuda and kido over his sealed blade, so he can use his own claws. He is rather bad at zanjutsu because of his hands, and almost always immediately goes to his ranged shikai for a fight.
Ben stands at 5'10" and has a light, lithe build. He retains the basic body form of a bird, and his legs end in bird talons.
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Lanokir Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They look awesome : o Ben the Crow, that is cool xD
snakes-on-a-plane Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha thanks 
Ohhhh I love all of these and Dar! She is so awesome :)

I may have an OC that may work with her (a female oc that is) :)

But I really love these guys, and I would love to draw Ben and Mujinamaru as chibis with something funny! XD (a cat stalking a crow xD)
snakes-on-a-plane Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks~ she's my favorite 

Let me get her actual sheet out first because I'm not ready to RP any of these new guys C:

awww poor Ben XD that would be funny
No problamo~

And yeah sure, no need to rush, they may or may not work :) Though little Tazu is all alone XDD poor chubby rat XD

Lol yus, it may be the first drawing I get to practice on my tablet and new laptop eue (also does he have wings for arms or just normal himan arms? owo)
snakes-on-a-plane Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, I will hopefully be able to do their short bios soon aha

he has arms like this guy-… so feathery wing like fingers? aha
XBrokenRiversX Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Whhhooa. These OCs are so kickass. I love Klara, she's really interesting
snakes-on-a-plane Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks gurl~
Xphire906 Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oooohhh fancy. Daisuke will wanna have more fun with Aiko (if i ever have any time that is -.-) Definitally need to rp that more
snakes-on-a-plane Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can write it into my AU because they were super cute~
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