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Jo (Battle High Profile) by snakes-on-a-plane Jo (Battle High Profile) by snakes-on-a-plane
How many times can I upload the same thing before everyone gets annoyed? heheheh

Just updating with the new template from here-… (and old pictures, since I recently did the fullbody and don't have time to do it again... I'll make a new version of her shifted form sometime... somedaaayyy)

Though I re-tooled the original template a bit. The look is to reflect Jo's favorite neglected pastime, surfing~

BUT YEAH here's her old bio. Skip it, I already posted this stuff complete with my disclaimer for my love of writing WAY TOO MUCH:

Combat: Jo is first and foremost a fighter, and has an absurd competitive streak. She's been obsessed with martial arts, regular sports, and most importantly, winning, since she was small. She's only gotten stronger since losing her arm, and has an unbelievable amount of time to train since she rarely spends any time socializing, a side effect of her distancing herself from others. This obsession has honed her physical capabilities far past a normal person, and gives her an edge in sheer experience.

--Practices Jeet kun do and northern shaolin martial arts; jian (one-handed sword) combat; high agility and strength; efficient and precise in her movements

Perception: Though not booksmart, Jo is an effective reader of people- she just really pays attention to tics, nuances and facial features that often give away weaknesses her opponent didn't know they were projecting- it helps that thanks to her shifting she has better than average vision. This skill is useful outside of battle as well- it's pretty dang hard to lie to Jo.

Endurance: Jo has a pain tolerance off the charts and a body that routinely undergoes rapid growth and bone/muscle rearrangement. She can go on and on and on like some kind of freakishly tall energizer bunny, which is why she can train for hours on end, and why you'll have to punch her really, really hard to even make her flinch. Her shifting also increases the rate of her healing, which is one of the reasons she is okay with fighting with Nemesis barehanded while he has knives. 

Good with hand (*wink wonk*): Jo loves working with her hands, especially taking things apart to see how they work, and has recently found a love for metal work. She even made herself her own blade, and is really interested in getting into mechanic work. Girl wants herself a motorcycle, and has been thinking of trying to build her own with scraps around the island

Cooking: Growing up in a mostly Italian household meant you either learned how to cook like your Noni or you were uprooted from the family tree.

Intelligence: Jo isn't very booksmart, prefers acting on instinct, and has no mind for tactics. She is possibly the slowest in the class when it comes to academics

Stealth: Jo is as stealthy as a flaming train wreck

Rash: Jo runs on instincts, and as such rarely thinks before she acts, especially when harm is coming to another person. Though her snap decisions can work in her favor, by threatening people she's pretty easy to manipulate into getting hurt herself. 

Chi: Though Jo's shifting is chi-based, it's an instinctual thing and Jo wouldn't know how to explain it even if she did know the technical terms. Outside of her shift and her voice projection, Jo has no idea how to actually use chi to her advantage. 

Social Skills: Friendly and easygoing as she is, Jo is not fabulous at stringing together a sentence, and her lack of eloquence and inability to properly express herself with words has gotten her into trouble and gotten more than a few people real pissed off at her. It's why she's become so quiet- actions are more her shtick


-Jo comes from a line of shapeshifters that use chi to change their bodies to what her family calls a 'spiritual form'. It's an instinctual chi use; besides her ability to change parts of her body at will, Jo has no other control over her chi. Jo's spiritual form is a chimera that mostly looks like a cross between a wild canine, a big cat, and a bear.

Pros: Her strength and endurance increase a ton when she shifts fully, and also increase when she half-shifts. Thanks to her animalistic build, Jo also enjoys a vast increase in her running speed. Jo retains full consciousness while in her beast form, and can shift back and forth at will. 

Cons: Her agility takes a hit because of her bulk, and any hope of stealth goes flying straight out the window. She loses a lot of dexterity in her hands (fat finger syndrome, and the paw pads don't help), so she can't do a lot of precise tasks with her hands- no sword-wielding chimeras here. Jo also can't help but half-shift when under severe stress or nerves. 

Voice projection: Jo can't actually speak when fully shifted, but instead uses chi to project her voice into other's heads, and she can direct her 'voice' so she can choose who hears her. Most never really notice her mouth isn't actually moving when she speaks, though the ability is very useful for having secret conversations when needed. 

Random facts: Jo growls like a canine and purrs like a cat, even when in half-shift. There's probably only one person that can get her to purr though~

Personality Jo is calm, easy-going and very difficult to bring to anger, though she is easy to fluster if a pretty girl flirts with her. (she's an awkward teen, cut her some slack!) She is extroverted and loves talking to people, and has a huge overprotective streak that manifests almost constantly- she will always put another's needs before her own, even a stranger. She believes she's just not as important as others, and lacks any semblance of 'flight' instincts anyway, so she will reflexively put herself in harm's way for... pretty much anyone that needs help, instantly. Jo hates hurting others, and will never raise a hand against someone unless she's in a sparring match or a fight, but when she does watch out, because she's the maximum amount of competitive any person should be. Jo will struggle, bleed and break herself until she's the BEST. It helps that her shifting has honed her senses beyond a human's~ This is one of the reasons most people think she has a temper or is mean, when in reality Jo's temper is almost nonexistent. She does have a hard time expressing herself, both because her face is too messed up to fully show emotion and because she is not good with words, at all. She prefers to let her actions speak~

Since coming to Japan, though, Jo has experienced loss and has been left behind by people so often, and has been so misunderstood by the general population she has started putting up defenses and keeping other people at arm's length, which also hurts her as someone who thrives on contact. Jo used to be able to deal with it easily, but people making assumptions of her without bothering to get to know her has started to grind her down. She perceives that all her friends have people that are much more important to them than herself, and she doesn't really have a 'person' she could go to in a crisis (this is before she meets Ria of course). All Jo wants is to be useful, reliable, and maybe prove herself something of a hero, but in a school full of geniuses, prodigies, and people with way better genetics than her, Jo has started to see herself as useless despite her self-confidence, especially after being the only student to succumb to mind control- this just makes her train harder, however, and that combined with her distancing herself from others and having no social life frees up an extreme amount of time for her to spend time in the gym. 

There are several things that can anger Jo, but her reaction isn't explosive; instead she just becomes progressively more quiet and tense. The things that will earn an actual angry reaction from Jo are people not taking care of themselves or trying to sacrifice themselves (she acknowledges she is a hypocrite), people attacking her friends or innocent bystanders, people calling her things she isn't (she also brushes off compliments because she thinks she doesn't deserve them), and people making judgements or assumptions.

Battle High belongs to Amadalia
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