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----Personal Information----

Eliot Isbella Sofia Rios
Age: Died at 30. Appears in her mid 30s
Birthday 4 November
Sex: Female
Hand: Right
Species: Shinigami
Race:1/2 Spanish, 1/2 Pueto Rican
Nationality: Spanish
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Relationship: Jo Morelli


Significant Other: Jo Morelli
Known Family: Camilo Rios (Father, Deceased) 
Isabel Rios (Mother, Deceased) 
Anna Rios (Sister, Status Unknown) 
Carlo Rios (Brother, Status Unknown) 
(Brother, Status Unknown) 
(Brother, Status Unknown) 
(Brother, Status Unknown)

---Professional Information----

Affiliation: Gotei 10
Rank: Grand Kido Chief
Former rank: Unseated, 13th, 4th Seat and Vice Chief in Kido Corps, unseated in Squad 4
Partner: Mu


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 138 lbs
Eyes Hazel, but tend to seem different throughout the day (mostly just due to the lighting). They are normally a pale blue with gold and olive flecks and lines around the pupil. Her eyes are rather deep-set and almond shaped.

Face: Eliot has a short, round face with subtle cheekbones, full, wide lips with prominent dimples when she smiles, and a somewhat larger nose with a slight downturn, Her eyebrows are a bit thicker than average.
- Eliot has a very open and expressive face, and emotes mostly through her eyes and mouth.

Hair Dark brown with a slight auburn tinge. It's loosely wavy with long, sideswept bangs, and it reaches the middle of her back. She generally wears it loose, but will pull it into a simple bun for combat purposes. Eliot has also altered her hair with a Kido spell, which formed two small hors on top of her hear out of hair (this was to avoid having to wear the traditional headpiece instead)

Build/body: Eliot is compact, curvy, and on the chubby side. She has wide hips and D-cups. Eliot has slight tone on her arms, shoulders and legs, but has a difficult time loosing body fat, especially around her stomach and hips. She has naturally tanned olive skin.

Distinguishing features:
--Eliot has seven alchemical symbols tattooed on her body:
  - The symbol for silver on the outside of her left thigh
  - The symbol for gold on the small of her back
  -The symbols for mercury and platinum in a vertical line down her left shoulder blade
  -The symbols for bismuth, lead and sulfer in a vertical line down her left calf
-- Eliot has a black infection scar over her heart
-- SHe also has two identical scars on her shoulders that go from her shoulderblades, over her traps, and end at her collarbone.
-- Her ears are double-pierced, but she normally just wears a pair of small silver studs

-Eliot wears the standard shinigami uniform with slightly shortened sleeves and hakama (so they never cover her hands or feet). She wears a violet sleeveless captain's haori with gold piping, for her position in the Kido Corps.. She wears her Zanpakuto tucked into the front of her sash, just behind the tie. She also usually wears her glasses, which are small-lensed and have thin black frames, leaving the top edge of the lens with no frame. She also wears a small gold cross on a thin chain around her neck.

-In gigai Eliot typically wears 'preppy' clothing, often just skinny jeans and loose-fitting tops.


-- Eliot is incredibly intelligent, outgoing, and rather dramatic in her mannerisms. She is, for the most part, easygoing, but generally experiences her emotions in extremes, so when she is in any kind of mood everyone that interacts with her will know it. Eliot loves interaction with others, and is, for the most part, quite good-humored and happy. She is overly talkative and nosy most of the time, and has a thirst for knowledge that manifests itself in bombarding anyone interesting with questions- Eliot is a scientist at heart, and the world is fascinating for her. She also loves imparting knowledge on others, whether they want it or not. She also can't stop herself from correcting others when she knows she's right, even when the other person is superior to her- this has gotten her in trouble in the past, and she now tries to hold her tongue (it is very difficult for her). Eliot simply wants the world to understand as much as she does, a trait that was reinforced throughout her life due to dealing with so many closed-minded people unwilling to let go of belief for fact.  Thanks to the hardships she faced in the past, especially after going through her parents disowning her, she is quite self-conscious, and cares about what other people think of her. This is a trait she has slowly been moving away from, but she still can let other people's opinions affect her. She also never stops thinking. Her mind is on overdrive, all the time, which lets her stay a step ahead of most people but also causes her a lot of unnecessary stress.

   Eliot is quite charismatic, even for a self-proclaimed science geek. In her past, she was somewhat awkward and standoffish due to her abnormal intelligence, and was rather aloof because most people couldn't keep up with her intelligence. In fact, she used to be rather arrogant. This trait, combined with her self-consciousness, made her early adult life miserable- she knew people thought she was a bitch, and it got to be too much for her. She worked hard at her social skills and found a way to temper her superiority complex and interact with more types of people, a process that took far longer than she would have liked. Currently, she has honed her communicative abilities, and is now quite easy to get along with, as long as you can handle being corrected and constantly 'taught' new things (even if you already knew them). She also tends to be rather flirtatious, a trait that manifested as her early attempts to be more social- it was the only way she could see to make friends at first, and the trait stuck. This did, however, cause problems early in her relationship with Jo. All in all, Eliot is a self-made people person, and her high observational ability and somewhat motherly tendencies make her a rather empathetic individual, and a charismatic leader.

   Eliot also tends to be a bit on the selfish side, and though she acknowledges this and tries not to be, most of her decisions are based on what can benefit her interests (which include the Kido Corps' interests). She also has a naturally highly addictive personality, and gets hooked on things easily. Until Jo, she didn't like people to get too close because she knew she wasn't good at relationships, and kept most of her relations on a friendly or professional basis. While she is a great and compassionate friend, she had a hard time letting go of her more selfish tendencies for a romantic relationship. Since Jo, she has shed that and considers Jo a part of herself when making decisions.

   In combat, Eliot uses her highly analytical mind to great advantage, and can usually defeat simpler enemies before they can get a hand on her. Though she can hold her own thanks to her great kido ability, she much prefers being the behind-the-scenes tactician, and prefers to stay out of direct combat. She understands she is not only lacking physical stamina, but also would rather not have to exert herself physically- she is more useful behind the ranks. She is excellent at strategizing and adapting to anything thrown at her or her team in battle, but if something happens to spark her anger or worry, she will tend to focus solely on that, neglecting the rest of the battle.

  Eliot is physically rather lazy, and would much rather curl up with a book than go out and train. Besides that laziness, Eliot tends to fall completely into whatever task she has at hand, and has a tendency to get too focused on things. When she has a project or something to do, she focuses all her attention on it until it's done. This includes unimportant things like reading or watching TV, and her friends often makes fun of the way she loses track of the rest of the world when there is something to focus on. This is a product of her overactive mind: in order to keep from getting distracted by other things, Eliot used to have to force herself to focus on one task until it was done, which, combined with her addictive personality, changed the trait from 'focus' to 'obsession until completion'. She is resistant to change, which falls in line with her more selfish tendencies, and likes to follow traditions whenever possible. She finds it difficult to accept major changes in her own life, and resists them when possible.This trait blossomed when she was disowned by her parents, left to flounder for herself until her sister helped her out- she grew to fear that helplessness, and subconsciously views any change that is out of her control as bad. In fact, as an attempt to keep calm about other change she often modifies her own body in times of great outside change, to give herself some feeling of control. Luckily, she is easy to distract from her worries. As an example to her resistance, she still wears a cross, despite knowing her old faith is not necessarily true, and still struggles with her spirituality because of how forceful her upbringing was about religion (despite actually being a spirit). Logically, she knows it is all nonsense, but eve after she left her parents it was hard to escape from their fire and brimstone lectures.

 Eliot's biggest flaws stem from her addictive personality. Because of this, and her narrow focus, she can lose track of everything else and even tends to forget to sleep and eat when working. She also has a hard time separating what she wants and what is best for her. Her slight selfish streak makes it difficult to accept blame, which is something she is still getting over.

Major quirks/habits
- Has an eidetic memory (discussed below)
- Can talk for hours on end, if you let her.
- She is easily distracted by anything scientifically interesting
- She cracks her knuckles often, as a habit, and picks at her arms when nervous.
- Has the ability to go for days without sleep and still operate at normal ability. But when she finally does crash, she crashes hard.
- Is an incredibly deep sleeper, drools, and snores loudly.
- She has been correcting people on any inaccurate statements for so long it's become a habit.
- Is incredibly lazy when it comes to physical activity or cleaning, and never picks up after herself.
- Is highly observant, and remembers most tics and mannerisms of the people she meets.
- Becomes uncomfortable when she has to deal with highly personal or sad things, though she can hide it
- Laughs when she's uncomfortable
- Is terrified of heights
- Is highly defensive of the things she likes
- Is a total control-freak, which makes her quite grabby
- Tends to make physical changes to herself when she feels overwhelmed/ out of control. This started with piercing her ears and changing her hairstyle, and evolved to getting tattoos
- Tends to be flirty, and makes a lot of inappropriate comments.
- Is obsessed with science, but also has an obsession with history. She has more books than a public library
- Though it makes her uncomfortable, she often finds herself being the one people go to with their problems due to her approachable nature and intelligence
-Loves to experiment, which often manifests in her cooking. She's come up with some rather bizarre combinations.

Speech mannerisms
- Has a Spanish accent that gets quite heavy when she's upset. Her normal speaking voice is rather low, and only slightly raises pitch when she's excited or upset.
- Often uses random Spanish words and tends to lapse into Spanish without realizing it. She'll also speak it when she wants to tease someone.
- Has impeccable diction, and often uses 'big' academic words.
-She can also speak Latin, Italian, and French. It only really takes her a few months to master a language


Kido Grandmaster: Eliot's top skill is her kido, and her abilities have her placed among the most prominent practitioners in the Gotei 13. She has equal mastery in bakudo and hado, and can use all the general numbered spells with no incantation. She also has the ability to perform the known forbidden kido, and was one of the people that enacted the ban on several of the spells. Over the years, she has been able to invent her own spells, and has a talent for combining known spells in such a way that they seem to be her own inventions. Eliot's own spells are defined by the fact that she named them in Spanish, not Japanese, so people know which of the spells they learn at the academy are 'Rios Spells". Her development in the art paralleled her mentor's, though the didn't see each other for many years, and she too found a talent in creating unique and powerful spells, though her focus was on Hado instead of barriers. She is capable of holding her own against the strongest of opponents without ever having to physically touch them thanks to her outstanding kido.

----Invented Spells----

-Debido Diablo (Devil's Due): Is Eliot's most famous creation, and now a forbidden spell due to the sacrificial nature of the spell, and the first, and only time, Eliot performed it she nearly lost her life. The spell was made to be a type of lasting Hanki, that can be used continuously and adapt to any Kido aimed at the user. When cast, causes the user's spiritual pressure to leak from their body, where it is altered and forms a cloak of black energy to form around them, partially concealing them. When active, reiatsu and reiyoku based attacks aimed at the user are disrupted by the cloak and rendered ineffective, similar to Hanki. The cloak can instantly recognize and adapt to any spell, changing it to the exact opposite energy and frequency. As an unforeseen power, when Debido Diablo is in effect and the user makes physical contact with another Soul Being, the user simply passes through the opponent, disrupting the reishi that composes them. This damages and alters their bodies at the point of contact. On a test run, Eliot simply walked through a weak Hollow and caused fatal damage. When she touched her mentor, Jeon's arm, his form was so severely damaged he had to get his arm amputated.

This technique requires incredible control and volume of spiritual pressure, and can kill a caster that can't control the spell. Though an incredibly powerful defensive tool, the drain on the caster is too great to be effective- the cloak continuously sucks the caster's spiritual pressure when in effect, and slowly damages the reishi of their body, the effect of which is increased the weaker the caster is. Eliot herself was nearly drained of her reiatsu and killed after five minutes using the technique, and would have died if her mentor had not disrupted the spell. Eliot still bears the scars from this incident.

-Pequeño Mirage (Small Mirage): Invented when Eliot was a new member of the Kido Corps towards the end of the First Quincy War, and solidified her as an outstanding Kido user. This is an ability that gives the caster the ability to inject a small amount of their own Reiatsu into a mortal, giving them temporary spiritual awareness so they can see reishi-composed beings. The caster can choose to briefly control the mortal as well, which is often necessary to keep them calm. This technique is used as an interrogation technique when questioning a mortal is needed, which was helpful in tracking Quincies hiding in the World of the Living, and was invented to get rid of the need for a Gigai. And extension of this technique allows a user to cast it over a large group of people so they can see, and escape from threats such as Hollows, making it a useful evacuation aid.

-Rogue del Viento (Rogue Wind): A relatively simple spell Eliot developed to streamline battlefield communication. The caster releases and sculpts their spiritual pressure into wind energy, used to manipulate sound. The most basic applications are to amplify sound, used as a type of loudspeaker, or nullify it, protecting the users from eavesdroppers. The more advanced applications involve moving sound waves, for communication at a distance or surveilling an opponent.

-Master healer: A facet of Eliot's kido abilities is her healing capability. She is quite capable, and has a vast knowledge of not only spiritual medicine, but human medicine as well. Her physiological knowledge comes in handy with her accident-prone lover, and she has had to help invent alternative ways to heal thanks to that. Eliot has partnered with Grant Rostov several times, and helped him create new healing techniques, including the technique Grant is most famous for, the Soul Threads.

Vast spiritual pressure/Outstanding reiatsu control: Eliot has a vast amount of spiritual pressure, somewhat higher than an average captain's. This gives her the ability to fire spell after spell without getting fatigued too quickly. Not only is her spiritual pressure overwhelming, she has fine-tuned control over it, born from her own mental capabilities and years of practice. She can conceal it down to nothing, and her control allows her to manipulate normal kido into spells of her own invention easily.

Genius Intellect: Eliot has a much higher than average intelligence level, and her mind rarely stops working- she is often overwhelmed by the speed of her own thoughts. This trait allows her to think at a higher level than her peers, which makes her an outstanding tactician and manager of both battles and people. She is able to understand most new concepts with ease, and her research and studies have helped advance many areas in the Gotei, including Kido. She has helped with several key inventions, discussed above, as well as streamlining many Kido spells.

Eidetic memory: Also known as a photographic memory, gives Eliot precise recall of things she has seen or read. This manifests solely as visual recall, and after testing herself she has found that she can form an essentially perfect memory after only thirty seconds of observation. This trait has allowed Eliot to master the more intellectual arts, including healing and kido. However, her memory comes with several downfalls. Her mind often becomes so overloaded that she tends to forget the simpler things like dates and things that are only spoken to her. She keeps a notebook in order to remind herself of those things. She is also haunted by the terrible things she's seen (that come with being a shinigami) and finds it impossible to block out memories of injuries or deaths she's witnessed, which account for her habit of immersing herself in her work. If she keeps her mind busy, she doesn't have to think about the past.

Master tactician: Eliot's high intelligence and her memorization of practically every history book she's read has given her great tactical insight on small and large-scale battles. That, on top of her observational skills, allows her to quickly assess the opponents, battlefield, and any factors that can affect a fight. She adapts quickly to surprises, and easily comes up with strategies for herself and comrades on the fly. She is incredibly hard to deceive, and can easily and quickly analyze opponents and their attacks.

Hakuda expert:  Eliot, though she dislikes the physical arts, has been practicing Tai-Chi in a large group since graduating the academy, after she realized she would have to become decent at the physical arts if she wanted to advance. Though she is far from being the strongest individual, the style allows her to use her opponent's weight against them, a benefit given her small stature. She is quite proficient at the art, and can hold her own against other captains unarmed if needed, though she much prefers Kido. Her Hakuda abilities have, in fact, been increased by her Kido abilities.

-Shunko: Considered one of the highest forms of Hakuda, Eliot was able to pick up on Shunko easily, and was able to streamline the ability to the point where the burst of energy along her arms and back are so finely controlled it won't destroy her clothing. Eliot's Shunko compresses her crushing spiritual energy around her, which appears as an electric blue vortex of light. Though most praticioners have an element associated with their Shunko, Eliot's is unique in that it is pure energy. She uses the extra energy to fire off more concentrated and powerful Hado spells, as well as greatly increase the strength and speed of her own movements.

-Hanki:  This technique, considered a shunko technique, is an ability Eliot learned through observation and her own experimentation. Hanki, the ability to negate an opponent's kido by hitting it with her own of opposite energy and speed, is an ability Eliot was able to master thanks to her keen observational abilities and her control over her reiatsu. Though she did not invent the technique, she has expanded on it, and is able to nullify an opponent's Kido even at a distance.

Hoho Expert: Though not physically fast, Eliot's incredible skill at manipulating reiatsu made Hoho an easy skill to pick up. Though by no means a master, Eliot is at the higher end of captains thanks to her precision and efficiency, and can move wasting little energy.


Physical Stamina: Due to her relative lack of training and her natural physicality, Eliot is not the most durable individual. She has a low pain tolerance, and if she is forced to fight in close quarters or move constantly, Eliot tires out quickly. This extends to her physical ability. Eliot is neither particularly fast nor physically strong. Though she has natural strength, she doesn't train the ability, and though she has enough reiatsu control to be great at hoho she doesn't train it enough to be.

Zanjutsu: Eliot also lacks in Zanjutsu skill, and is only around the level of a low-level lieutenant. The only reason she was able to rank up despite this was her outstanding kido ability- She would never attain a different captain's position with her current lack of Zanjutsu skill. Other weapons are essentially useless in her hands, and a sword the only thing she has a chance with.


Unarmed: 85/100
Melee: 43/100
Reiatsu/Reiyoku Manipulation: 95/100 
Physical Strength: 56/100
Speed: 67/100 
Agility: 74/100
Endurance: 32/100
Intelligence: 96/100
Zanpakuto: 89/100
Spiritual Pressure: 95/100
Total: 732


Name: Alquimista (Alchemist)

Type: Kido
Normal Zanpakuto
Alquimista appears as a seven inch long, white tiger salamander in it's larval stage. It has extra long external gills that stick up instead of back, and beady red eyes. His feet, the tip of his tail, and the front side of his gills are pitch black, and the fringes on his gills and the webbing on his tail are a dark forest green. His toes end in sharpened claws, and he has black alchemical symbols in a line along both sides of his spine, and one in the center of his forehead.

---Personality: Alquimista is rather quiet, contemplative, and not nearly as social as his wielder. He is quite awkward socially, and has a slight superiority complex. He does, however, match Eliot in intelligence, and enjoys having long intellectual conversations with her. He often helps her work out her problems, and they have a very close bond.

Sealed: A 25" katana with a gold blade, tsuba and rayskin, and dark forest green handle wrapping. The tsuba is shaped like two attatched capitol 'I's, and the sheathe is dark brown.

: Descubre (Discover).
---Appearance:Eliot plants the blade tip-down in the ground, states the command, and tree roots burst out of the ground and surround the blade, forming a knotted looking wooden cane. She then yanks it out of the ground, sending a burst of intense wave of spiritual pressure out.


-Sintetizar (Synthesize): Alquimista's main ability is to enhance Eliot's kido ability. This amplification allows her to perform spells without saying a word, and increases the strength of each spell by several levels. It also makes it easier to combine several spells at once, and fire them off simultaneously.

-Crecer Demasiado (Overgrow): Eliot re-plants the cane in the ground, and several willow-tree roots sprout around it. Eliot can freely manipulate them, and they are used specifically for defense. If she can disarm her opponent with one, their blade will automatically seal.

-Transmutacion Falso (False transmutation): When a kido spell or attack is directed at Eliot and she can react in time, she can pull a couple smaller roots up in front of her hands, forming a circle with them. When the attack hits the circle, it is stopped in it's tracks, and Eliot can manipulate the energy into an attack of her choice, as long as she has the ability to perform it.  However, she cannot amplify the energy of the attack.

Alquimista Superado (Outgrown alcemist)
---Release  Eliot plants Alquimista into the ground and states "Bankai". It immediately sprouts into a gigantic willow tree. As the tree grows, waves of spiritual pressure roll from it and Eliot.

---Appearance: Alquimista appears as a fifteen-foot tall, seven-foot diameter willow tree. Instead of leaves, the branches are surrounded by bright blue kido leaves. Parts of the roots can be seen protruding from the ground and extend for a half-mile around the tree. The branches wave around freely when Eliot isn't controlling them.


-Sintetizar (Synthesize): The same as the shikai, however Eliot gains the ability to fire spells from the tree's branch tips.

-Transmutacion Falso (False transmutation): Similar to the shikai ability, but instead of using the roots, Eliot uses the tree's branches, making the ability much faster. She also gains the ability to amplify the strength of the redirected attack up to five times the original power. She can also store the energy instead, causing the tree's 'leaves' to glow brighter and the branches to move faster.

-Crecer Demasiado (Overgrow): The same as the shikai ability, on a much larger scale.

-Transmutar (Transmute): When the branches come in contact with another object, Eliot can alter the chemical properties of that object, the extent of which depends on how long the branch stays in contact. This is limited to changing things into having properties of the basic periodic elements- gold, silver, mercury, ect. She can alter the density, phase, charge, and pH of most objects

Reiatsu color: Bright blue
Inner world: A deep, dark cave with a dim light whose source can't be pinpointed. Each element on the periodic table can be found either embedded in the walls, contained in glass containers hanging from the roof, or in springs on the ground.



"I don't want to train! I have too much work to do!"
"First of all, you are incorrect in what you are saying. You need to understand the facts before making such statements! So I have to say...(continues talking your ear off)"
"Have you ever just seen  a girl and thought, 'I would love to be responsible for your next orgasm'?"
"Ay dios mio!!"
"There is a ninety-nine percent chance you are wrong, so I'll just let you mull it over for a bit."

Random trivia
-Eliot's character song is 'Southern Girl' by Incubus
-Her blood type is B+
-Her voice actor would be -
-Her favorite color is forest green,
-She is a relatively good singer, though this is a talent reserved for the shower
- She is fascinated by people that can play instruments, but thinks being played for/sung for (like someone singing to her specifically) is incredibly awkward, and she'll just laugh awkwardly at them until they stop.
EDIT: Changed up her abilities, since this is no longer in the canon 'verse, and changed the names around. Still working on history and a few of her invented spells.

Enjoy Mrs. Rios, my Kido Chief : D Now all I need is a profile pic :P 

*listens to the resounding chorus of nobody caring* XD Sorry these are so long :P (but also not really)
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Crimson-Agony Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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awesome job snakes~!
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wow awesomness :iconiloveitplz: lovingly detailed as always and a joy to read :D
always great to see a bookish character, though her intelligence is far beyond my limited capabilities XD
Favorite quote I've seen today > > "Have you ever just seen a girl and thought, 'I would love to be responsible for your next orgasm'?"
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks~ And she's pretty much all smarts and smartassery XD
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haha sometimes~
RaattleCaat Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I gotta say, Eliot sounds pretty dang awesome, and I love the detail and work you put into her character sheet. It really gives a good insight of her character and the like :).
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks~ I'm glad you think so C: especially since it takes me a while to type these up haha
Crimson-Agony Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
once you start writing it comes easier. And I've been developing these guys for a while~ and they're all based on real people so that makes it easier
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Mine aren't ._. and I have written some .3.
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Tiniest-Peach-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Love her Jo. She sounds like one rocking character to be honest. <3 Much love to Eliot and her coolness.
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha well thank you~
Tiniest-Peach-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student General Artist
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