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College AU sketches by snakes-on-a-plane College AU sketches by snakes-on-a-plane
They call me queen, queen of boring headshots~

Getting some sketching done, wanted to do some fanart... and voiala. There will be a bunch more (and will be inked and colored quickly~) But I gotta go to class. All in winter clothes because they live in the northeast haha. (I hope you can recognize them all XD)

This AU predominantly features YoruSoi but there's other ships thrown in, and some love triangles and what have you. Take note that I reeeaaally don't care whether or not you like YoruSoi, so don't just comment to whine about it. 

Sooo I also have been keeping character notes~ I'm trying to tie things in from the actual manga, and other things I had to flip around to make it fit into a human/college setting. (which is mostly ages and a few backstory items)... but personality, aocial standing and majors I tried to incorporae their canon selves :P

Here's who I have down so far, if you're interested (a little TL;DR haha) Feel free to suggest characters that you don't see here... or if you have a better idea for majors/positions. I'm all ears (unless you're bitching about ships)


<p class="MsoNormal">SRTU students:

Yoruichi: Junior, took a year off (should be a senior), kinesiology major (former pre-law), comes from a wealthy family, known as a bit of a playgirl, total rebel but gets perfect grades no matter what class she takes, works part-time as a bartender and makes a whole lot of tip money, BROTP with Byakuya, Urahara’s adoptive sister, interested in Soi Fon

-Varsity forward on lacrosse (number 2, later 22)

Soi Fon: Freshman, pre-law, comes from a wealthy family and it shows (always dresses nice, is polite but socially inept), has a very hard time making friends at first, gets along with Toshiro (awk buddies) and Byakuya (similar upbringings), falls ass over ankles for Yoruichi right away (only to make her even more awk), has an obsession with cats and adopts a stray (her RA lets her keep it because it’s cute)

-Varsity forward on lacrosse (red-shirt freshman, number , later 2)

Ichigo: Freshman, biology major (pre-med), dad is a doctor and runs local clinic, two high school sisters that he is overprotective of, twin brother Shiro is a major pain in the family’s ass, acts ‘too cool for school’, seems to hate Renji but they are actually besties, in love with Rukia but also has a crush on Orihime who he grew up with. Is that ‘one guy’ that’s good at everything.

-Varsity midfielder (red-shirt freshman, number 1)
-JV Runningback, football

Byakuya: Junior, pre-law, comes from a wealthy family and it shows, has a terminally ill father so he bears the brunt of familial responsibilities and works a lot in his father’s firm. Would probably go nuts under the stress if it weren’t for his sister and bestie Yoruichi. Had a long-term girlfriend (three years) before she up and left suddenly with her family, and refuses to even think about relationships now.

-Varsity forward, lacrosse (number 6)

Renji: Sophomore, Bussiness+maketing major, came from a poor family and gets a lot of financial aid, isn’t particularly smart but works extremely hard, hates Ichigo at first because everything comes easy to him, angry and impulsive, dresses like a biker, life goal is to run a successful eyewear company, has a mad, mad crush on his childhood friend Rukia. Second life goal is to take Byakuya’s spot from him

-JV midfielder, lacrosse (number 6)

Rukia: Sophomore, zoology major (attempted art before she was laughed out of the program), Byakuya’s little sister and coddled to the max, wants to transfer colleges to get out of her home state, is super awk and shy but is besties with Renji, has a crush on Ichigo because he reminders her of her first crush (Kaien, who died in a car accident and has a scholarship named for him)

-No sport, Byakuya is trying to push her to join a sorority or something. Is in a martial arts club (but rarely talks to anyone)

Hitsugaya: Freshman, 16 year old child genius, civil engineering major with a minor in history. Awk as fuck, but keeps in contact with childhood friend Momo who pushes him to meet new people. Tutors for extra cash to send to his Grandma, and ends up tutoring Rangiku and her sorority sisters and that gets him into some strange situations

-Isn’t eligible to play sports. Is in the martial arts club with Rukia, and was forced to join Rangiku’s intermural softball team

Rangiku: Sophomore, psychology major and major sorority sister. Party animal, frequently pulls power weekends. Seems to know everyone at SRTU. Works as a bartender with Yoruichi and is tutored by Hitsugaya in some of her classes. They become pretty close. Also falls in love with Gin the year prior, and the two keep an under-tabs relationship (despite Gin’s ‘treachery’ and the fact that the whole SRTU hates him) Lets people keep the façade that she’s ‘easy’

-Plays a lot of intermural sports for fun

SRTU proffessors:

Yamamoto: Dean/university president, runs a tight ship. Former military of the flag officer variety. Old as balls. People like to speculate on his age in fact. Really supports the sports programs.

Urahara: Genius early grad, is now a grad student/TA in physics. Double majored in physics and chemical engineering, getting his master’s in physics. Was adopted by Yoruichi’s family, and is an epic eternal bachelor.

Shunsui: Pulls double duty as a psychology prof and the chair of the fermentation science department. Majorly flamboyant and happy, often everyone’s favorite professor. Taught human sexuality and health for a while. Practically married to Nanao. Also besties with Ukitake

Nanao: English and lit professor, also has a math degree, extremely serious and gives a ton of homework. Not well liked by the party side of the student body. Is gunning for a position as the women’s studies chair, and is basically married to Shunsui. She says she will marry him when he stops flirting with the students

Zaraki: Completely insane athletic director, kinesiology professor and current lacrosse coach. Highly competitive and unstable, often employs PT to punish lazy students (even though this is technically not allowed). Brings his adopted daughter Yachiru basically everywhere and makes people who question whether she should be in school run laps.  Is the most terrifying coach on the planet. Secretly in a relationship with Unohana.

Unohana: Chair of the pre-med department and current head athletic trainer. Super nice, but has an aura of absolutely terrifying about her. Loves little Yachiru, and is secretly in a relationship with Zaraki. Also wants to return to practicing medicine

Shinji: Physics professor and totally whacky to most students. Has a little sister, Hiyori, that pops up often to bug him during lectures and labs. No one really ever knows what or how to study for his class. Totally gets his flirt on with his female students, which is technically a no-no

Ukitake: Sickly, super friendly education department head (it’s called different things at different schools but he’s in charge of the credential program :P) Previously an elementary school teacher, but wanted to make a difference in the quality of teachers for kids. Teaches a few things on the side, and has a fondness for Toshiro (takes him under his wing), and besties with Shunsui

Mayuri: Bichem/biophysics department chair just in it for the research opportunities. Totally nuts; if students think Shinji is unpredictable they get slapped into reality with Mayuri. Rumors are he kidnaps and dissects his least favorite students.

UHM students:

Gin: One of the ‘evil transfers’, Junior, PolySci major, minor in botany. Way too smart for his own good. Is very enigmatic, even to his friends. Secretly in a relationship with Rangiku. Kind of a sarcastic dick on the surface, is a frat boy for the connections. Is going to go into politics (most likely). Secretly totally hates Aizen.

-Varsity midfielder, lacrosse (number 7)

Aizen: Senior, Super douche ‘evil transfer’ and suffers from major ‘nice guy’ syndrome. Way, way too smart and is a psychology major with minors in polysci and biology. Wants to be president… or just be a major player in the government. Is power-hungry and will do anything to get it… including transferring schools just to be the lacrosse captain.

-Varsity defender, lacrosse (number 5)

Tousen: final ‘evil transfer’, used to be Komamura’s BFF but got caught up in Aizen’s ‘be the best lacrosse team and take over the world(?) plan. Journalism major, doesn’t seem to have his own path that doesn’t rely on others. Currently just running in Aizen’s coattails.

-Varsity midfielder, lacrosse (number 9)

Shiro: Ichigo’s twin brother, and exact opposite of him in every way… except ability. Freshman, engineering major. Won’t go into medicine just to spite his father. Exactly the same as Ichi, but with a sadistic, aggressive and much rowdier personality.

-Varsity attacker, lacrosse (number 1)

Grimmjow: Sophomore, undeclared and no one is really sure why he’s even in college. Frat boy and major party animal, he’s almost been thrown out of school several times. Puts up a front about being a major playboy, and is actually stereotypical frat in that sense. In reality is totally afraid of both commitment and failure. Sees himself staying a student until he gets bored of being on top of that food chain. Annoys the crap out of the rest of his team, except Yammy

-Varsity attacker, lacrosse (number 6)

Harribel: Calm, dispassionate Junior, and probably the only lacrosse player at UHM anyone can stand to speak to. Marine bio major. Mostly just wants to be left alone, especially by guys, but has a grudging respect for Aizen’s intelligence. Has taken the three female JV members under her wing and is fiercely protective of them, which makes people wonder if she has younger sisters. She doesn’t talk enough for people to know much about her, however.

-Varsity midfielder, lacrosse (number 3)

Yammy: Gigantic, impulsive junior and, and only at school for athletics. Business major, though he doesn’t particularly care. The rest of his team basically hates him, but would rather avoid the fight if they said it to his face. Often tries to start fights to injure SRTU players. Is probably going to end up playing professional football regardless of how many misdemeanors he gets.

-Varsity goalie, lacrosse (number 10)
-Varsity center, football (number 10)
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sarani-chan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ahhhh this is great XD these were so fun to read. one of my favorite parts was thinking of Toshiro stuck tutoring the sorority sisters and the rumor about Mayuri dissecting his least favorite students :XD:
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha glad you like them~
And yeah, his little story is probably one of my faves
Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I liked way more than I think I should XD
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha I'm glad you do~
And if you have any ideas for other characters let me know haha
XBrokenRiversX Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hooooly crap, this looks amazing. Just reading all of that info on everyone makes me want to read this whole AU already.

It's also cool to see you drawing canon characters. They look great in your style
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha glad you like it~

yeah figured it was about time to do some real fanart haha
Chicky--poo Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
More like Queen of some bawss AU's.

Sounds interesting so far~ I like it~ <33

Ugh, format nightmares. I know those feels. Damn it, dA. ;-;
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


and yess, it ould be fine if there was a way to write descriptions in a plaintext editor instead of html...
Chicky--poo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Using writer would probably translate over and make it more purteh. C:

Sssh, gurl
u no its tru. :iconmhmmplz:
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
murr too lazy

no u ssh
Crimson-Agony Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This looks so cool >w<

Great job~
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Crimson-Agony Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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