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Chief by snakes-on-a-plane Chief by snakes-on-a-plane
EDIT: I completely forgot to mention, that in a moment of pure badass when El was infected she carved the soul-body separation symbol into her own palm in order to get the shadows out, and it's still there as a scar. How did I forget that, sheesh

This is... well if you don't know her, I'm disappoint haha. It's Eliot Rios, Grand Kido Chief! Her partner is Mu. Her full bio is here- snakes-on-a-plane.deviantart.c… (but needs to be updated)

Her design is pretty much the same, but I changed her haori to match Mu's and her hair and wedding rings are slightly different. 

Anyway! Eliot was a first-gen American born on the east coast US in the 1940s. She had an older brother and sister, and three younger brothers. Her father was a chemist that worked for the military during WWII, and her mother was stay-at-home. Her family was extremely religious and stern, and felt the need to drive their kids hard to overcome their immigrant status. Eliot studied and worked hard, wanting nothing more than to make her parents proud, but growing up knew something about her was... off. The only person she felt comfortable telling was her sister, who always rebelled against her family's religion. She helped Eliot get through high school, but before she graduated her parents found her out and disowned her from the family. 

Eliot's sister continued to help her, and with a lot of hard work and some... shady dealings, Eliot managed to get into college to study chemistry, wanting to make her father proud even then. She blew though college, got a second degree in physics and a master's in theoretical chemistry, and a phD in chemistry. She became a research scientist, renowned even, and reconciled with her brothers, but never her parents. 

When Eliot was 37, she died in a lab accident caused by an assistant. She ended up in the Rukon, and immediately became bored with the lack of mental stimulation. She wandered, and soon came upon a Div. 12 research facility on the edge of a district, and became enthralled by the Gotei's sciences (after convincing the Shinigami there to let her observe, and soon participate after she proved herself. Soon, the Shinigami told her to try for the academy, and administered the entrance exam themselves.

At the academy, academics were a breeze for El, thanks to her life in academia and her eidetic memory. She fell in love with Kido and its theory, and soon blew past the rest of her class in the art. She had immense spiritual pressure for a student, and worked hard to control and refine it.  She even excelled in theory in Hakuda and Zanjutsu, though her physical ability was in the low percentile of the class. Despite that, El graduated a year early and was immediately taken into the Kido Corps. Her preference and study of Kido got her the interest of Jeon Don, the Grand Kido Chief. 

Under his tutelage, Eliot excelled as a Corps member, and her tactical abilities, organizational skills and patience earned her a seat quite early, and a few years later the Espada war begins. Since the Kido Corps is kept out of the war at first, she decides to broaden her Kido abilities, and does a transfer program to the 4th division to learn healing. She begins her program first at the medical research center, then her practical application as a school medic at the Shino Academy. There she meets Jo Morelli and begins their relationship (hur hur)

Towards the end of the war, Eliot is deployed with Jeon Don to Hueco Mundo, and here she uses her famous Kido technique Debido Diablo (Devil's Due), which nearly kills her and Jeon Don, but also ends the life of Espadas 3 and 5. During her recovery, the war ends and Jeon retires, and decides to name Eliot as his successor. 

During peacetime, Jo and Eliot contemplate marriage, and Eliot begins to try to get the Kido Corps more active in the Gotei, and less mysterious. She also avoids choosing a successor. When the second Visored incident occurs and Jo is declared MIA, Eliot becomes slightly obsessed with finding her, and periodically takes off into the outskirts of the Rukon to find her. She also ends up hunting down and murdering many of the rogue Shinigami group in the process, fueled by revenge, and receives warnings from the Captain Commander to cease her reckless actions before he demotes her. Despite the warning, she went on one more mission, where she meets Mu in one of the outer districts, who helps her fight off a large gang of rogues.

The prodigal, but child-like Mu manages to temper Eliot, and she decides to take them in and train them after promising to hide Mu's secret. Mu's potential for Kido was similar to Jeon Don's, and the two agreed that he would attain an officer seat right out of the academy.

In the lead p to the Shadow invasion, El is one of the first to notice the CC's decline. When she investigates, she is infected herself, and when she feels herself slipping she locks herself down in a lab and struggles to find a cure, eventually carving a soul-body separation symbol into her palm and using that to extract the Shadows, and Debido Diablo to destroy them. Again, she nearly kills herself in the process, but is found and patched up by Mu. When the war finally begins, she is finally reunited with Jo, and is fundamental in helping research on the Shadows. She also names Mu as her Vice Chief. 

Mini bio:
Name: Eliot Marie Sophia Isbella Rios

Race: Shinigami

Nationality: 1/2 Spanish, 1/2 Pueto Rican

Age: Appears in her early 30s

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 138 lbs

Eyes: Central heterochromia, pale blue and tan

Hair: Dark red-brown

Build: Curvy, short and a little pear-shaped, and can't seem to loose the chub she has despite the slight muscle tone she has.

Distinguishing marks:
Eliot has seven alchemical symbols tattooed on her body:
-The symbol for silver on the outside of her left thigh
-The symbol for gold on the small of her back
-The symbols for mercury and platinum in a vertical line down her left shoulder blade
-The symbols for bismuth, lead and sulfer in a vertical line down her left calf
-Black infection scar over her heart
-the soul-body separation symbol carved into her right palm

-two identical scars on her shoulders that go from her shoulderblades, over her traps, and end at her collarbone. 
-Several black scars on her arms from Debido Diablo

-Ears are double-pierced, but she normally just wears a pair of small silver studs 

Occupation: Grand Kido Chief

Former occupation: Various seats, Kido Corps

Zanpakuto: Alquimista, a katana with green handle wrappings and a gold blade. 

Shikai: a simple wooden staff

Bankai: Alquimista Suprado. Appears as a large willow tree with blue reiatsu leaves

Reiatsu: Bright blue

Brief personality: Eliot is intelligent, outgoing, and more than a little dramatic with her emotions- she makes no effort to hide what she's feeling. She is hardworking and focused, and when involved in a project she can completely lose track of everything around her. She has an addictive personality and can be clingy, but outside of Jo research and science are her top priorities. Though usually very friendly, curious, and talkative, Eliot has a bit of a dark, violent streak that can come out when she's severely upset (for instance, her revenge path of destruction after Jo disappeared). This gives her an extremely terrifying aura when she's angered, and she does her best to hide it. Eliot is charismatic, which is something she had to work at after years of isolated research, but hates talking about her past. She can also talk a little too much sometimes, and will always ask new people a million questions. She also happens to be pretty lazy when it comes to physical things, and highly disorganized and messy outside of work. She avoids having downtime, however, as her mind is constantly running and her eidetic memory makes forgetting the past impossible for her. 
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Blackwind211 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Just when you thought she couldn't get cooler she does!
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
haha excellent! I'm glad I could make her cooler~
Mama-Moose Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Eilot <3
She is such a strong woman. Her history has so much feels in jnkdsfslsfl
Awesome job as always snakes~
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
: D
Ye and I got a chance to make her even more awesome~ and feelsy haha. I needed to show her as her own OC outside of Jo for once XD
Mama-Moose Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
heh heh heh XD
Good to know more about her~ Just love her even more :D
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dragonofthesand Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Really love her new look too
snakes-on-a-plane Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
me too, finally got her stupid hair the way I wanted it haha. I like the actual kido haori much better too

Now I just need to stop being lazy and properly draw haoris haha
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