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February 4, 2013
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The impact of the punch sent the oddly satisfying, almost painful vibration up Rae’s arm as her fist cracked through the hollow’s mask. She retracted it as the beast let out a scream and dissolved, and she brushed her hands off and turned to survey the damage. There were several craters dug into the street, bits of rubble and trash strewn about, but there had been no casualties.

Rae touched a taped hand gingerly to her ribs and winced at the lance of pain. Well, almost no casualties. She probably could have avoided her injuries had she drawn her Zanpakuto but she enjoyed the challenge, and though she would rather die than admit it, she sort of liked the pain. It was one of the few things that made her feel again. She sighed and nudged a dislodged piece of asphalt with her tabi, using the quiet moments before the cleaning crew got her to reflect.

The mission had gone exceedingly well, and she looked forward to the bonus of no extra paperwork because of human death. The injuries were really just an inconvenience, and Rae decided she wasn’t going to bother the medics about it. Her thoughts turned to her girlfriend, who she had left sleeping in her own bed when the hell butterfly came through her window with the message. It had only been an hour, and she imagined Juno would still be asleep. Rae made a face and pulled her shihakusho apart to expose her torso, then let out a sigh of relief to see none of her skin was broken, just deeply bruised. Juno was blind; she couldn’t even make out Rae’s tattoos, so she knew Juno wouldn’t be able to see the mottled black and purple that painted over her right side and stomach. Rae gently pressed a hand to her abdomen and hissed lowly. The skin was ridged and feverishly warm to the touch… She’d just have to keep clothed and Juno would never know the difference.

A throat cleared, and she looked up to see the five-person cleaning crew had arrived, and the lead was eyeballing her bare stomach.

“Ma’am… are you all right? Looks like you took a nasty hit there.” He stepped forward in concern, but Rae smiled and waved him off.

“Don’t worry about me Hideki,” she breathed, fixing her shirt, “It’s just some bruises.”

He didn’t look convinced, but shrugged. He had worked with the younger Morelli before, and last time he had pressed he almost lost a tooth.

“If you say so.” He glanced around at his team, who were surveying the damage. “Standard clean up today?”

Rae nodded. “Yep. Just four hollows, no casualties, no big deal. There was a gas station that got stepped on a few bocks that way…” She jerked her thumb behind her. “But other than that it’s the usual.”

They exchanged a few more words before Rae turned away to return home.


Rae took her time shedding the boxer’s tape around her hands, smiling when she could hear Juno’s soft snoring. She slipped out of her uniform, pausing to examine her injuries in the hall mirror. All the damage was located on her sides and abdomen, and she shrugged at herself before pulling her pajamas back on. She yawned and winced when the intake of air pulled at her ribs, and quietly slipped back into her room.

Juno was still curled around the spot Rae had left an hour before, mouth open slightly and a hand curled into the sheets. Rae watched the steady rise and fall of her chest for a moment, unable to help the gentle smile that pulled the corners of her mouth. Unfortunately, she stood there too long, because she soon found cloudy silver eyes not quite looking at her and blinking sleepily.

“Rae…?” Juno yawned. “What are you doing love?”

Rae closed the distance between herself and the bed and sat down next to her sleepy girlfriend.

“I just got home. Go back to sleep hun.”

“Only if you join me.” Juno protested, and before Rae could retort a small hand wrapped itself around her waist and tugged her down. Rae flinched at the sudden influx of pain and choked down a cry, managing to turn it into a strangled “O-okay!”

Her plan had failed miserably, she knew, when concern clouded Juno’s features and she sat up, pulling her hand away from the injury.

“Rae? What is it, what’s wrong?”

“Aw… Jun, it’s nothing, just a bruise.” She received an unhappy stare for the lie.

“Let me feel.” Juno pushed, as demanding as she was able to be.

“It’s really nothing Juno, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” Rae tried again to evade the question.

“Aurelia Morelli, remove your shirt.” Without waiting, she reached over and tugged the offending garment off Rae before she could protest.

Now naked, Rae gave a small smirk. “Interesting foreplay you’re into there, Jun~ I like you all dominant.” She teased, and smirked more when Juno’s face turned scarlet.

“S-stop it love, be serious…” She mumbled, and scootched closer to Rae to hide her blush. Her hands made their way to Rae’s stomach, and traced their way gently over the bruises. Her blush quickly fell away and a concerned frown set back in as she felt the heat and hardness of the bruises.

“Rae, this is bad… It feels really bad. You need to go see a healer… Rae?”

Her girlfriend had gone silent, and shivered under the delicate hands that were still ghosting along her skin. Her heartbeat picked up under the attention, a flush spread slowly across her cheeks.

“Rae?” Juno tried again, and the woman in question moaned in protest as she pulled her hands away.

“Juno… Don’t stop. Please.” Her voice came out several shades lower than normal, which caused Juno’s face to burn red again. But she obeyed, trailing her touch past the bruises and blushing harder when she discovered finally that Rae had been wearing nothing under her shirt.

“Rae…” Juno murmured, her touch tracing over Rae’s chest, “Your heart is pounding.” She doesn’t seem to notice hers pacing itself to match.

Rae took a deep breath in response, and placed her own hand over Juno’s.

“I’m going to kiss you now.” She stated, then waited a beat for a protest. There is none, Juno simply took her lip between her teeth, so Rae leaned forward to replace teeth with he own lips, trying to show restraint until the hands that had brought forth the kiss tangled in her hair, pulled her forward. Someone moaned, and the sound pulled Rae closer to Juno, pressing her back down to the bed, never breaking the kiss.

Juno moaned again, and Rae slipped her tongue between parted lips, sinking into her lover. Hands roam over heated skin, and the kiss lasts until both women are dizzy and gasping for air. Rae pulls away just slightly, so their foreheads remain touching.

“Is this okay?” She whispered, finally remembering that Juno was the one setting the pace of their intimacy. They had agreed, when they began getting serious, that their physical relationship was all up to Juno, who hadn't been with someone in a hundred years. The waiting game got more and more difficult for Rae every day, but she had made a promise that she was going to keep...

Juno was still breathing hard, already missing the contact of Rae’s lips. Her answer comes after what seems like an eternity.

“I want… but… but y-you’re hurt…” She struggled to say, and the conflict was evident in her voice. Rae had all but forgotten about her injuries in the moment, but the mention sent an ache through her body that she chose to ignore. She flexed her fingers, willing herself to let Juno make this decision without any physical swaying. It was proving hard enough not to crash her lips back on Juno’s, let alone keep her hands from running back over soft skin.

“Oh Rae…” Juno breathed, and Rae forced herself to close her eyes, willing herself to wait for the words she longed to hear.
Drabble I wrote at like three in the morning~ Nothing special, just a bit of insight to Rae's weird state of mind and her relationship with Juno. Possibly boring? And if so then sorry XD

And lol Rae, you are so not sneaky stop trying XD Morellis are about as subtle as a train wreck

Juno belongs to ~XBrokenRiversX
Rae is mine~
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adsjfa; Rae you are as bad as your sister gO SEE A HEALER

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yeah I usually miss a few things when I proofread
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