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August 5, 2012
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OF NOTE: if you don't know what Aspects are (new species for my AU~) go here: link if you want to know what they are.

----Personal Information----

Name: Jo Charlie Morelli
Age: Died at 25. Appears to be in her early 30s
Birthday: 10 March
Sex: Female
Hand: Originally ambidextrous
Species: Shinigami/Vizard, Contracted (Hybrid: part Aspect)
---Vizard mask is canine-like, with narrow eyes, black 'ear' pieces, and blue markings. Only her right eye turns gold under the mask
Race: 3/4I Italian, 1/4 Blackfoot
Nationality: American
Sexual Preference: Eliot Rios (doesn't like labels)


Significant Other: Eliot Rios
Known Family: John Morelli (Father, deceased)
Nina Morelli (Mother, deceased)
Nate Morelli (Brother, status unknown)
Aurelia Morelli (Sister, active shinigami)

---Professional Information----

Affiliation: Gotei 10, non-member
Rank: None
Former rank: Unseated, 12th, 6th, 4th seat, and lieutenant, 7th Division- head of the Security Force
Partner: Matt Alder (unofficially)

--Contract information:
- When Jo was killed in a battle with Merek I, her zanpakuto's spirit, Trickster, revealed that she was an Aspect and offered Jo her contract in order to save her life. Because Jo had lost most of her reiatsu in her 'death', the contract is not a normal one. Trickster chose to merge their physical bodies together and donate half her reiatsu to Jo in order to save her life. Because of this, Jo has gained numerous side effects (seen below) from the shared reiatsu and physical bodies.
-Contract benefits: The biggest benefit is the fact that she is kept alive by Trickster's merging of their reiatsu. Jo has gained several Aspect traits from Trickster, though they are mostly just physical traits. She is nearly immune to fire because her hybrid reiatsu leaks from her body, forming a sort of 'coating' over her skin. She can also manipulate her own body heat, and can manifest fire on her body. Jo can also borrow body parts from Trickster, and constantly borrows her eye. She can also borrow Trickster's left arm when she needs it, generally only in shikai, though using it in a normal setting drains her energy quickly. Because of the arm-borrowing, her stump has also become incompatible with normal prosthetics and she can never have a replacement arm. Trickster can also take the eye and retract her reiatsu whenever she wishes, leaving Jo vulnerable.
Contract cost: In exchange, Trickster requires that Jo become a 'shield'. basically losing the rights to her own body. If there is someone who is in danger of getting seriously hurt or killed (by an enemy or a foreseeable accident) that can't defend themselves, Jo must do everything in her power to protect them, even if she must sacrifice herself. If she doesn't do everything she possibly can and someone still gets gravely hurt, Jo will be forced into her punishment. Another downside is that if Jo is ever separated from Trickster, she will die.

-An added on cost is being indebted to Trickster. Trickster owes her 'overseer' for being allowed to break the rules with Jo's contract, and has passed that obligation to Jo instead. When Jo dies, her soul will not be reincarnated until she has repaid that debt, and in fact can be called upon to fulfill the debt at any time. (I'd be more specific but it's spoilers to my AU)

Punishment: Although the exact details of any punishment are unknown, Jo does know that it will play off of her biggest fears of being alone, isolated, and feared.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 183 lbs
Eyes: Right eye orange (natural eye color), Left eye green- this eye doesn't reflect light like a normal eye, and has a tapetum lucidim that allows her to see in the dark, and gives her an animalistic eyeshine (Borrowed). Her eyes are rather narrow, and she has a permanent squint on her left eye because of the scarring.

Face: Jo has a rectangular face with a well-defined jawline, rather high cheekbones and a small, straight nose with a slight upturn. Her ears are unusually small, and have no lobes. She has thin lips, and her mouth is skewed up on the left side because of the scar (her smile is quite lopsided).
- Jo's face used to be quite expressive until all the damage, and now she has a harder time moving her face expressively. Most of her emotion is conveyed through her very expressive eyebrows and eyes, and moreso through body language.

Hair: Jo's hair is pale blonde, reaches the top of her shoulders and is cut into messy layers with mid-length, choppy bangs swept to the left side of her face with long, sideburn -like pieces in front of both ears. It is usually worn in a sloppy bun or down.

Build/body: Jo is a large, solidly built Visored with tanned skin marred by numerous scars and tattoos. She has a solidly muscled frame, and has the basic build of an olympic swimmer. She has lanky limbs, a long torso, narrow hips and wide shouders. Her A-cup bust and impressive musculature often cause people to make fun of her for being too 'manly', but she is proud of her body. Jo holds herself with a proud, powerful posture that often comes off as intimidating or aggressive.

Internal injuries: Due to severe trauma from several horrible injuries, Jo have several patches holding her together. All the patches on her bones and muscles are bright pink, courtesy of Grant Rostov's famous Soul Thread technique.
- Jo's left shoulderblade has two patches over a large crack in the bone from her Hollowfication incident.
- From her 'death', Jo has a cap over the split end of her left humerus. She also has a patch over the crack in her sternum, just under the plate in her chest, and her clavicle is patched on as well. 
- She also has three small Soul Thread sutures on the outer wall of her heart. 
- Thee of Jo's vertebrae are false, made from pink Soul Thread material, and her spinal cord does not physically connect after having been severed- instead a band of Trickster's reiatsu bridges the gap.

Distinguishing features:
- Jo's left arm ends just before where her elbow is supposed to be
- Scars: Most noticeable are the three on her face: One from her right cheek, across her nose and left eye and ends above the eyebrow, one deep one over the left side of her lip, and one that starts on the left side of her chest, goes up her neck, chin, cheek and eye vertically and ends just above her eyebrow. The rest of her scars are reffed here: link

- Contract features
--Because Jo's contract to Trickster included their bodies partially merging, Jo gained some of the spirit's features:
- Jo has a metal disk embedded in her chest just under her collarbone that matches her zanpakuto's hand guards
- She has gained several tattoos identical to markings found on Trickster, a side effect from borrowing her reiatsu. The tattoos are white and orange tribal style animals. The eyes of the tattoos move on their own, but normally follow Jo's own eyes. Tattoo reference can be found here: link,
- When Jo is unconscious, she is not actively trying to suppress her hybrid reiatsu, so it leaks out of her 'tattoos', causing them to glow.
- Because of the body-sharing, Jo's body temperature now averages about 104-106 degrees constantly
-Because of her temperature and shared traits, Jo will never be able to carry a baby full-term without killing it, making her infertile.

- Normally Jo wears a red tank-top, baggy black pants with gold patches over her knees cinched just under her knees, and a gold sash around her waist. She also tends to wear a light grey drape around her waist and white armor with orange markings over her thighs. She is always barefoot. She wears her zanpakuto blades on either hip.
- In gigai she generally wears jeans and tank tops, sometimes with a brightly colored hoodie. Her Aspect features, including her eye, do not appear on her gigai, but her scars do.


Jo has a strong personality, being outgoing, independent and strong-willed. She is very confident in herself, and is a raging optimist, generally choosing to see the bright side of things. At the same time, she is quite mellow, and doesn't let many things bother her, including when people taunt and make fun of her. The only times she really gets angry are when her loved ones or innocent people are threatened or when they don't take care of themselves. She will also lose her composure if any insult is directed towards Eliot. Interestingly, Jo seems to lack her 'flight' instincts, and has no sense of self preservation. While most people carry themselves with some precaution to risks, Jo just doesn't, which factors in to her selflessly reckless behavior.

Jo tends to keep things light-hearted, and doesn't like to be too serious at any given time. She is a natural leader, and will take charge of most situations whether or not people ask, which can come off as overbearing. She never cares what other people think of her, and on the flipside she never judges others, preferring to let their actions determine how she thinks of them. She also happens to be incredibly competitive, and secretly pits herself against everyone else. This does manifest as her being rather impatient, though she's struggled to get a handle on it. She loves sparring and competing… because she loves winning, a trait that manifested as a response to her incredibly active and competitive family. She also happens to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder because of her history of injury, and has the constant need to prove herself and her strength. This stems from not only her own competitive nature, but a deeply buried, irrational feeling of inadequacy she always hides with confidence. This feeling has only accumulated over the years as she gains scars and though Eliot knows about it and tries to help, it's an impossible feeling for Jo to get over. It manifests as not only her competitive side, but her tendency to avoid things she knows she's never going to be good at (like kido) and over-trains herself in her strengths. She also constantly feels like she has something to prove, which has altered her combat style by often purposely putting herself at a disadvantage from her opponent, like fighting armed opponents unarmed. She has managed to temper this trait somewhat as she's matured, but still finds herself doing it in friendly matches or mundane missions. This trait betrays one of her greatest fears of being useless and unneeded- she would rather die than be too weak to help someone.

In actual combat, Jo remains calm and collected, and unlike many she never goes in fearing injury (She got over it). Jo gets more serious and focused, and dislikes opponents who chatter too much. Despite this, Jo herself will interject with what she thinks are humorous comments. She handles pressure and surprises while fighting with ease, and not much is able to rattle her. Jo claims after you've witnessed as much crazy nonsense as she, nothing is surprising. In any fight, Jo will never make the first attack, preferring to let the opponent strike first to observe their form, and to see if they seriously want to attack her.

Jo is a very affectionate person, and makes friends easily. She genuinely cares deeply for other people, and is very empathetic. However, she can be quite overbearing and overprotective, especially if she thinks something is wrong. She's quite nosy and pushy, and loves nothing more than helping people with their problems, even when they want to be left alone. Despite this, Jo is not the most gifted individual when it comes to words, and isn't the best at making people feel better with them, which is something that she finds incredibly frustrating. She always puts other's needs before her own, which she will deny is a self-destructive habit. She is annoyingly modest, and always brushes off compliments to the point where it seems she just won't accept them. Jo finds relationships with others to be the most valuable thing life can offer, and will do anything for her friends, to the point of sometimes letting herself be used. She doesn't care about any harm to her own body, and will put herself in danger so others don't have to suffer. Her view on that is she knows she can recover easily from pain, so there's no reason to let someone else needlessly suffer.

The downside of her personality is that she has an extremely difficult time asking for help when she needs it, falling victim to her strong independent streak. She will even stubbornly refuse help if it is offered, simply because she doesn't want to be a burden on anyone and hates feeling weak or needy. Another downside is she often acts impulsively when someone is in danger, always choosing to put herself in danger to save them without thinking of the consequences- even when putting herself in harm's way only makes the situation worse. This often causes problems, and Jo tends to choose to fight alone if she can because of it. She also isn't the most intelligent person in the world, so intensive tactical situations or technical things go right over her head, though she tries hard to grasp things like that.

Major quirks/habits
-Jo will never make the first attack in a fight. She will wait until she is attacked first or someone else is attacked in her presence,
-Has an inability to sit still for longer than a minute. She'll start tapping her foot, bouncing up and down, or drumming her fingers
-Most of her expressions stem from her eyebrows, and she has perfected raising one eyebrow by itself.
- She cracks her knuckles and rubs the scars on her face when nervous or agitated.
-Talks with her hand- She often gesticulates wildly, which contradicts her mellow speaking voice. She also often forgets she is missing an arm, and will often move to clap or cross her arms before she realizes she can't. 
-Jo will never hurt someone in a normal setting (like playfully punching people) but goes all out during sparring and training
-She will eat pretty much anything, and is basically a garbage disposal.
- Gets rather irritable when overly hungry
-Because of her body temperature, she tends to wear minimal clothing (while still being modest) so she doesn't overheat.
- Is not a morning person. Not a word she mumbles can be understood until she wakes up fully
- Is a hopeless romantic, and loves doing little sappy things for Eliot. She also says the word 'girlfriend' (and later, 'wife') whenever she can because she's so proud of her relationship.
-Her tattoos glow when she isn't fully conscious, as she is not completely in control of her hybrid reiatsu
- When consuming alcohol, the fiery reiatsu constantly leaking out of her will ignite if she drinks too much, covering her in fire
-Pretty much has no shame. She would walk around naked all the time if it was acceptable, and never feels awkward (unless she's dating someone for the first time)
-Because her mom was a hairstylist she knows a lot about hair and hair care, and will give people random hair care advice and facts
-Is rather jealous when it comes to Eliot, and despises when people flirt with her, especially men. She also doesn't like to share details of their sex life.
-Her hobbies are surfing, motorcycles, beach volleyball (did a lot of that in the human world) and training/sparring. She's almost always active and doing something, and has a hard time just chilling.
-Is terrified of needles, and is somewhat claustrophobic.

Speech mannerisms
- Her voice is quite deep and very raspy. She constantly sounds like she has been yelling for three days straight.
-Swears like a sailor
-Is fluent in Italian, as her family spoke it in the house. She likes to use Italian insults more than English ones. She is also picking up on Spanish, thanks to Eliot.


Zanjutsu master: Jo's most impressive ability is her mastery over the sword, thanks to her time spent as Hattori Fuu's student, along with her natural aptitude and athleticism. She is steadily becoming a close second to Fuu, having picked up on her training quickly, and only improved exponentially from there, finding both the instinctual and technical sides of the art both challenging and inspiring. She operates her blades as if they were extensions of her own arms, and was masturful at dual-sword combat before losing her arm. Thanks to her contract, they may as well be parts of her own body, and this has helped her adjust her style to fight with one blade when not using her Shikai. Her natural strength and agility make her swordplay even more precise and controlled. With a thirst for being the best, and possibly someday besting Fuu, Jo has studied and trained with masters of many different styles of swordplay to make her an unpredictable opponent. Jo can easily alter her swing speed and power, as well as her swing's directions to keep her opponent disoriented and unable to predict her moves. She fights just as effectively with one or two blades, and when fighting at full power her blades become nearly impossible to keep track of due to the speed at which she is able to use them. On top of this, Jo has mastered the art of manipulating her opponent's blade with her own, being able to re-direct their swings or lock their blades together, and can easily disarm unprepared opponents or those underestimating her. She has also mastered the art of quick-drawing, able to sheathe and unsheathe her blade in the blink of an eye. Jo tends not to draw her sword during battle unless she thinks her opponent can handle it, just to keep things 'fair' (at least in her mind).

Though many follow one or two styles, or switch between them, Jo has worked for years to be able to seamlessly flow through techniques and footwork of each style she has come across, even incorporating Hakuda and even the few dance moves she picked up from Layla Vital. Jo has mastered many of the known Zanjutsu techniques taught at the academy, as well as many of the ones Fuu herself invented.

Hi Ryu Sen: A surprise attack in which Jo moves as if she is going to draw her sword, but instead thrusts it out, aiming to slam the butt of the sword into her opponent. Often, this part of her sword is superheated and can cause intense burns.

Senmaioroshi: A technique where Jo strikes numerous times in rapid succession, blindingly fast in order to shred an opponent

Agitowari: A fast-draw technique in which Jo quickly draws the blade and slashes vertically, aiming to bisect her opponent lengthwise. 

Pain no Michi: Jo has also created many of her own techniques, combining moves she learned from her studies of Fuu's traditional style, plus fencing, jian and dao use, Korean Geom Do, even historical fencing. Though Jo has made many techniques, her mentor is the one who named them, stating Jo's original names (such as 'Headbutt Slash') were not worthy of the techniques themselves. Fuu has named Jo's techniques Pain No Michi (Way of the Pine), in reference to Jo's origins (and a subtle joke about her size).

Hakuda master: Jo's tendency to save her blades, as well as her extensive and slightly obsessive training as a human has honed her unarmed combat capabilities to a fine edge. She mostly fights using Northern Shaolin style and Jeet Kun Do, styles she studied for many years as a human and practiced religiously, ever striving to win competitions. Even with one arm she is quite formidable, having an immense amount of strength making her kicks and strikes very hard to block, as well as a fast, aggressive style that often flattens unaware opponents quickly in a fight. Jo's movements are quick and precise, and her reflexes are fast enough to allow her to catch projectiles out of the air or blades swung at her (which, when she is not borrowing Trickster's arm usually leads to her hand getting sliced open). She has been shown to be adept at strikes, takedowns and, when she had both arms, body locks, and has studied other styles and sparred with so many different opponents that reading another martial artist is an easy feat for her.

Iron shirt: A technique Jo has perfected over the years that greatly increases her durability. She goes through a high amount of training in order to be able to perform this. By concentrating her energy on a point on her body that is about to be struck and hardening the muscles just before impact, she can take even the hardest blow as if it were a normal punch. This technique has also served to prevent the affects of pressure-point attacks as well, by using her body's reiatsu on top of her natural energy to counteract the strikes.

One-inch punch: A technique learned from watching too many Bruce-Lee movies and trying to copy it in college, Jo finally mastered it while at the academy. She can perform a punch at very close range (less than six inches from the target) without needing to cock back first, and can send her opponent flying back. This is generally used to get space between herself and her opponent.

Shirahadori: Meaning 'blade catch', it is the technique Jo uses to catch blades from the air by clasping her hands around the flats of the blade. Recently, because of her missing arm, she has taken to striking the flat of her opponent's blade with her palm and re-directing it as opposed to actually catching it.

Endurance/durability: Jo has a freakishly high pain tolerance, and shrugs off gashes and broken bones with no problem. In fact, in battle it may appear as if she has no sense of touch as she rarely shows pain (mostly thanks to adrenaline). Due to her hybrid nature, she is also essentially immune to fire and heat due to the fiery reiatsu constantly leaking from her, forming an invisible 'cloak'. She has no control over that. This immunity to fire includes not just regular flames, but reiatsu flames, kido, and those made by zanpakuto.

Strength: Jo is extremely strong thanks to a love of training, working out, and a boost from a naturally athletic body, and can put a ton of power behind her strikes and swings. She can easily crack the bones of unprepared opponents, and can lift people and objects much greater than her own weight. Her strikes have incredible stopping power, and her high physical power allows her to wield her blade single-handedly with as much power as a normal person can with two.

Agility: Jo is quick when it comes to moving her body in tight quarters, and has outstanding control over her own movements. She has been working on using Shunpo at short distances to increase this ability. She is so apt at controlling her own movements that it is highly difficult to knock her off balance or sweep her, and she is quite apt at adjusting the speed and flow of a battle to her advantage.

Enhanced vision/perceptive: Jo is an excellent reader of body language and facial nuance, and her borrowed eye increases this, enhancing her normal vision of 20/10 to 20/5, that of a bird of prey. This allows her to notice very fine movements that a normal person would never catch, including those trying to trick her with hoho. She also is trained to take in every visual cue from both her opponent and surroundings in the first moments of a fight, allowing her to asses weaknesses and potential strategies for taking her opponent down as quickly as possible.

Battle experience: After countless battles, friendly sparring, and over the top training has given Jo an advantage over many of her peers when it comes to sheer experience. Though she does not have the mind for tactics, her instincts and perceptiveness, as well as her ability to read movement makes her a difficult opponent in that it is nearly impossible to pull any tricks on her. Though Jo is not fast herself, she can easily track speedy opponents and can anticipate movements easily. Those that think they are unpredictable fighters are often caught off guard when Jo can find and exploit patterns in their style.

Vizard status: Jo gains the normal benefits of Hollowfication when donning her mask, mostly seen in an increase in her durability. Jo also gains cero, which is seen as a small gold-orange beam and is fired from her right pinky.

Hybrid Strengths: 
Immune to Infection: Jo cannot be infected by the Shadow her saketsu is bound to Trickster, and the plate in her chest covers her soul sleep. As such, the Shadow have no point of entry, making Jo immune to their infection abilities.

Borrowed Eye: As stated above, the eye she shares with Trickster increases her natural vision to that of a bird of prey, as well as being able to see quite well in the dark. These advantages only work in the borrowed eye, which makes for a lack of depth perception when seeing in the dark or focusing on something that is out of the field of vision for her actual eye.

Lie-Proof: Because Trickster is impossible to lie to (due to her function as an Aspect), Jo can tell when people are lying. This is a skill she was quite good at before thanks to her natural perception, increased by her enhanced vision, and now has a somewhat 'supernatural' quality to it- Jo can now see the fluctuations in people's reiatsu when they are lying.

Bakudo Resistant: Bakudo is much less effective on her as well because of her unique reiatsu, and she can escape rather quickly from spells well into the 60's. and beyond that she can still break free with some effort. Hado is just as effective, as destructive spells aren't limited by the nature of their targets.

Fire Resistance: Jo has also become essentially fireproof due to the constant leakage of her hybrid reiatsu from her body, forming a sort of protective cloak. Jo's skin has also become rather resistant to heat-based energy to prevent her from being killed by her own reiatsu. Flames from kido and Zanpakuto abilities, as well as regular fire, have no effect on her besides igniting her own reiatsu around her.


Hybrid Weaknesses: 
Jo's contract and hybrid nature have lead to a number of weaknesses in Jo's battle capability: 

Weak Spot: Jo's biggest weakness lies in the plate in her chest: If it is ever removed, her anchor to Trickster is lost and she will die, as fast as if a major artery was severed. When the plate is struck with enough force, it is much more painful than a normal hit, and can disorient Jo as if she was punched in the temple. If struck hard enough it can force her blade to seal if in Shikai or Bankai, and her left eye and tattoos will fade and disappear for a short period of time, since her connection to Trickster is disrupted.

'Resistant to healing Kido: Much like her resistance to Bakudo, ealing kido barely works on Jo. The Kido is disrupted by the Aspect side of Jo's reiatsu, and as such takes a much longer time to be effective than normal. She is forced to resort to traditional human medicine and waiting around for shinigami medicine to work.

Prosthetic Rejection: Because she borrows Trickster's arm in Shikai, and sometimes if she needs it outside of battle, she can't get a prosthetic because it would periodically get destroyed. The end of her stump, because of the lingering hybrid reiatsu, is incompatible with normal shinigami prosthetics.

Kido Failure: Though Jo was never very good at kido, most attempts just blowing up in her face, since becoming a hybrid, Jo has lost all ability to perform Kido. On top of her lack of control, her new reiatsu disrupts her natural spiritual pressure, which makes controlling it to form into spells impossible.

Lowered Visored Abilities: Because of her status, Jo will never be able to go full hollow or increase her hollow abilities.

Lack of Spiritual Power Control: Jo also doesn't have complete control over her hybrid reiatsu, and as such is cannot conceal it, so she isn't very stealthy. (as in, she's about as stealthy as a train wreck)

Inability to Lie: Because Trickster does not (or cannot) lie, Jo has found she is unable to say outright lies to people; when she tries to answer a question in a way she knows for a fact is untrue, she is unable to actually speak the untruth. She can avoid questions but she is forced to be truthful when she speaks.

Hoho: Jo isn't particularly speedy, and can't keep up with fast opponents, especially when it comes to chasing. She doesn't have fine enough control over her reiatsu to make the technique useful (for the same reason as her lack of kido skill), past traveling or getting out of the way of an obvious attack. Jo's shunpo 'disappearances' and 'reappearances' are marked with small flashes of fire, making stealth even more out of the question. However, Jo is steadily working on her speed, and with the help of her wife Eliot Rios she is slowly learning how to be more efficient at Hoho.

Long-range: Jo's only ranged ability is her cero, which isn't particularly strong. She has to get close to really show off her abilities, and if she is held at a distance by her enemy she must work to get close in order to be dangerous.

Intelligence/transparentness: Though far from stupid, Jo is also not the most tactically-minded or book-smart person, and her emotions are as easy to read as an open book, try as she might to hide them. Though she can't be lied to, she is easy to manipulate when fighting with comrades, and her impulsiveness when another is in danger is easy for an opponent to use. She is great at reading her opponent's movements an has a lot of battle know-how, but anything involving thinking past her instincts and physicality is a struggle for her to grasp. Her lack of technical understanding was what originally prevented her from learning much kido.

Poison: Normally, Jo runs too hot to get sick, and can alter her body heat to burn off most poisons. Because of this, she has no experience in feeling the effects of sickness or toxins. So when a poison is fast-acting enough to invade her system before she can burn it off, she feels the effects much more drastically than a normal person. Despite her high pain tolerance, the effects of a toxin can severely inhibit her fighting ability, and acts on her system much worse than normal.

Contract: Because of the cost of her contract, Jo gets extremely distracted when fighting with comrades, far more concerned with their well-being than her own. She has to focus hard to ignore them or she'll be too distracted to fight at full capacity.


Unarmed: 89/100
Melee: 92/100
Energy Manipulation: 34 (36)/100 
Physical Strength: 91 (92)/100
Speed: 41 (43)/100 
Agility: 86 (89)/100
Endurance: 94/100
Intelligence: 62/100
Zanpakuto: 92/100
Spiritual Pressure: 83/100
Total: 765 (773)/100


Name: Imbroglione (Trickster)
Type: Fire, light (sun)
Type: Aspect (Principle of the 'creators')
---Appearance: Trickster is a large canine (her head normally reaching Jo's elbow) that has the body and facial structure of a coyote. She has no 'fur', her skin instead feeling like a seal's. She is all black with orange and white tribal animal markings. She has no feet, her paws instead ending in points, and her tail is long and split in half, not really coming to a definite end (it seems to just fade off). Her eyes are perpetually closed (they are neon green-the left one is currently missing) and she is never without a wide, toothy grin. She seems to be able to manipulate her own body as she pleases, including changing her form. She also always has a faint silver glow around her.
---Personality: Trickster, at first, seems extremely full of herself. She loves telling stories about herself, and often talks/brags ambiguously about her power She is quite humorous and friendly, and is almost never serious. She loves to joke around and poke fun at people, and especially loves getting people to blush or mess with them until they get frustrated. She seems to speak in riddles as if she is hiding something, and never speaks in a direct manner. Trickster is, however, extremely powerful (and incredibly old), but keeps the extent of her abilities are unknown. Jo cannot access any of Trickster's abilities for herself, apart from the regular zanpakuto techniques and what was offered in the contract.

For Jo, getting along with Trickster at first was an incredibly frustrating experience. She never understood Trickster's metaphors and riddles, and had a difficult time dealing with her seeming superiority complex and not taking Jo's training seriously enough for Jo's tastes. However, she understood that Trickster was there to aid her, and once she was comfortable in her new Shinigami career she began to dedicate a lot of time trying to understand her Zanpakuto. This extra time spent allowed her to begin to decipher Trickster's odd personality, and the two began to get close despite their almost opposite personalities. This time also allowed Jo to achieve her shikai a year after graduating from the academy. Their relationship remains complex, and Trickster can still frustrate her user, but the two formed a close, sister-like bond. Mutual respect was slow to form, especially since Jo always was suspicious of Trickster thanks to how she seemed to perpetually hide things. Trickster finally earned Jo's complete trust during bankai training; Trickster came at Jo with intent to kill. This, oddly enough, finally let Jo see that Trickster respected her as an equal.

After Trickster's reveal, Jo is a little more uncomfortable dealing with her. Not only does she now know Trickster's true nature, but she owes her a debt she isn't sure she'll ever be able to repay.

Sealed: Two 29" katanas with round tsuba (hand guards) with suns etched on them. The handle wrappings are orange, and the metal parts and rayskin are pale silver. The sheathes are white with orange tribal wings near the bottom.

---Command: Rubare il sole (Steal the sun). Jo does not need to hold the blades in any special way (she can even leave them sheathed). At the command, Jo's body will let out a gold flash of fire that quickly dies down to reveal her in shikai.
---Appearance: The handles turn into white marble with orange markings, the hand guards disappear, and the blades retain their shape but appear to be made out of blindingly bright, somewhat solidified fire. The flames of the blade barely flicker, giving them more of a blow-torch appearance. In shikai Jo also gains Trickster's arm, black with orange and white tribal markings. She has gained several techniques since her contract, however using them repeatedly has an adverse affect on her body. Use of her contract techniques disrupts her natural spiritual pressure, which weakens her physically and can cause internal damage if used too often.
-Svarse (flare): Jo gathers energy from her blades  compacts it into a mass of heat energy around her whole body, and she launches herself off of a surface (or hardened reishi under her feet) and tucks her head rocketing at her opponent. She condenses and combusts the heat energy behind her to provide thrust. Upon contact, the energy around her body is released from its compaction and explodes outward, causing damage from both her tackle and the explosion. This attack has a straight trajectory only, and if she doesn't hit something it takes several precious seconds to stop the thrust and release the energy, and recover, leaving her open for attack.

Incenerire (Incinerate): Causes a large solar flare-like explosion to burst from Jo's blades, and now, since her contract, her body. She does this by simultaneously increasing the blade's temperature to their highest point and condensing them under the highest pressure she can manage, causing them to violently combust.  It's not the flames that are dangerous here, but the concussive force that is enough to shatter barriers and bones on weaker opponents. This attack is close-range only; it is only really dangerous if the opponent is within a foot of Jo, and is most often used as a means to gain some distance. Weaker opponents can still be flattened within a few feet.

Bagliore Pazzo (Flare Step): Since her contract, Jo can call her blades back to her hand if she needs (The misplaced blade will dissolve into flames and re-form in her hand). Conversely, Flare Step is when Jo transports her body to the blade, similar to flash step in appearance except Jo dissolves and reappears in a wreath of fire, and she must go to the misplaced blade. Also, unlike flash step, this technique is highly disorienting to use and gives Jo a mild case of vertigo each use.

Ustione Lento (Slow Burn): As an ambient ability, Jo has the ability to alter the heat of her blade's flames by using her own reiatsu and environmental reishi as a fuel source, from just room temperature to well over 10,000f, though its highest temperatures are only sustainable for a few moments. The brightness of the flames increases with heat, starting at a pale orange color to pure white. One the blades make it to 700f, the air around them starts to lose oxygen and heat up to an almost unbearable temperature directly around the blades. She can change the temperature back and forth freely, although each change is gradual. The transition from room temperature to its hottest temperature takes up to five minutes at its fastest.

Scoppiare Bruciare (Burst Burn): An extension of the previous technique, Jo rapidly increases the blades temperature to maximum, without changing the pressure, sucking the oxygen out of the area around her for about a minute and creating a small concussive burst from her blades.

-A nameless ability is to freely manipulate the temperature in an 400m radius around her. She can make it up to 900f, and can make temporary heat mirages of herself when very close to her opponent.
Jo's already high average body temperature increases from 106-107f to around 150f due to her connection with her Zanpakuto, and sometimes burns the ground where she stands. 

Contract Side Effects: The longer Jo stays in shikai, the more her body is slowly consumed by her Zanpakuto's energy, which effectively changes her body's reishi into heat that combusts in the air.  It starts at her ankles, wrists, and around the plate in her chest, and moves in from there. In shikai, fire-based abilities are essentially useless against her. She consciously has to keep her reiatsu at a level above the Zanpakuto's. If Jo allows too much of Trickster's reiatsu too overcome her, altering her appearance further. Her blades will disappear and her forearms, chest and lower legs will dissolve into somewhat solid fire. She becomes slightly physically stronger and gains the ability to freely manifest and control flames, and her limbs gain the properties of her blades (being able to withstand strong attacks). This form, however, causes external and internal damage to Jo if left too long, and she can only stand to be in it for five minutes before she starts slowly degrade from the inside out, which can destroy her body and kill her.

---Name: Imbroglione Illustre (Illustrious Trickster)
---Release: Jo holds her blades in front of her vertically with their handles touching, one blade up and one down, and simply states 'bankai'. A burst of fire comes up from the ground and consumes her for a second, then slowly flickers away, revealing her armor and hammer.
---Appearance: Illustre appears as an eight foot tall, long-handled hammer. The hammer face is white with an orange tribal face design, and opposite the face is a long blade. The staff- like handle is gunmetal with several gold rings around it, and the base has another short blade that curves and points back up. Jo gains black and orange gauntlets that cover her forearms, white and orange shin guards, larger hip armor with decorative draping around her waist, and a white and orange chest piece that covers her back, shoulders, and neck. Her bangs often blow back on the heat.

--Two gold feathers are fixed at both knees and elbows, and they act as a sort of timer, dropping off the longer Jo is in bankai. If they all drop off (which takes around four hours), Jo's body starts to get taken over completely by Trickster, altering her appearance further. This is very painful for Jo, and can cause irreversible internal injuries that can only be held at bay by merging further with Trickster.

Svarse (Flare):   Becomes bigger and faster, and Jo gains the ability to control her trajectory to an extent. Her stopping and recovery time remains slow.

Incenerire (Incinerate):  The shikai technique with some distance--Jo slams the hammer into the ground, and concentrated bursts of flames (that look like solar flares) shoot out of the ground anywhere in a 100m distance from Jo, with the concussive force from each blast strong enough to injure people at distance from the actual flames. She can also use this to make a wall of fire at a higher energy cost.

Ingannare le menti mortalli (Fool the mortal minds): Allows her to warp the physical properties of things around her as perceived by her opponents. This is not just visual, like a normal mirage, but auditory, olfactory and tactile as well. Range for image warping is about 25m around her, but the closer she is the more convincing the warps are.

La defirmazione (The warping): Allows her to change the physical properties of her weapon as perceived by the opponent, using extreme heat to create 'mirages' in a sense. So, while the actual physical attributes change a little, the opponent sees, feels or hears drastic changes

-The ability to control heat remains the same, though the temperature threshold has been increased to around 15000f. 

Reiatsu color: Normal: Coppery-orange, Hybrid: Golden-orange
Inner world:A sparse forest in fall with a large cliff-side waterfall that empties into a lake. he cliff can be climbed, and from there the top of the cliff is a mountainous, rugged area with several deep pits, some full of water. It is perpetually sunset, bathing everything in reds and golds. Generally, nothing changes to reflect Jo's mood, however when she is injured the area will desaturate, as if there is a heavy fog.

Human life: Jo was born in San Francisco, California, to two retired Coast Guard parents. Her mother, Nina, was a helicopter pilot, now a hairstylist, and her father, John, was a cutter captain, now a contractor. Jo became a sister to her brother, Nate, when she was four, and her sister Aurelia was born when she was seven. Jo had a very active upbringing, playing every sport she could, along with doing martial arts and learning to play the bass guitar (her father insisted she had to learn an artistic pursuit as well as sports). Jo was always close to her siblings, and was overprotective of them throughout their lives. Their family was very close-knit, and Morelli family gatherings were always a huge event. The whole family was lively and competitive, and her parent's high expectations, as well as a desire to be a role model to her siblings, drove Jo to push herself in every pursuit. Though she didn't have good grades, she drove herself to college, earning a scholarship in swimming, in order to get a degree and follow her parent's footsteps into the Coast Guard as an officer.

Jo went to Florida for college, where she worked towards a kinesiology degree, swam, joined a few martial arts clubs, and got a job for extra cash as a bouncer. In her second year, Jo was involved in an incident that ended with her shot, and she lost her swimming scholarship because of it. Luckily, she recovered quickly, and was able to graduate with her degree with money her parents saved. Her grades weren't good enough to be an officer, however, and she went to Coast Guard boot camp after graduation, with hopes of becoming a rescue swimmer. She graduated with little problem, and moved on to SAR school, then was able to serve for a year. However, her life was cut short when, at age 25, on a day off she pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming bus at an intersection and was hit herself. She held on for two days, but died from internal bleeding. Her actions in the year leading up to her death attracted the attention of a certain Aspect as well, who, unbeknownst to Jo, attached to Jo's soul.

Early soul life: Jo's Soul Burial was performed by Scott Kings, who, as per protocol, guided her to Soul Society and prepped her for life in the Rukon. However, he immediately recognized her potential Spiritual Power, and asked her if she'd like to try to get into the Academy. Open for an opportunity to continue her life's dream of being in the military, Jo accepted. However, she fails the entrance exam, and Scott advises her to find someone in the Rukon that could help her study. Instead of finding a mentor, however, Jo finds Layla Vital living in District four, a former Academy student that was horribly injured in her fourth year. The two hit it off right away, and Layla agrees to train Jo for the Academy, feeling she couldn't return herself with a broken Zanpakuto. Jo trains with Layla for a year, during which they date for a brief period of time until Jo realizes Layla was not one for commitment. They also meet a fellow Shinigami candidate Matt Alder, and Matt and Jo convince Layla to try for the Academy again. The three take the exam, pass, and enter the academy together.

Academy years: Jo and her two friends join the Academy in the years leading up to the Espada War, and they find the Academy demanding, competitive, and a little desperate to pump out good Shinigami. Jo and the others become rather infamous their first year, not only as three very promising students in different areas, but as troublemakers. Jo excelled in Zanjutsu and Hakuda, and in her second year discovered the name of her Zanpakuto, being the second in her class to know her Zanpakuto's name and true sealed form (the first being Layla). Because of Trickster's dual blade form and her skill at Zanjutsu, she catches the attention of the Zanjutsu instructor Hattori Fuu, who takes Jo and Layla under her private tutelage, joining the likes of Clio Erganes, Scott Kings, Tenzin Tsetsen, Oda Seiichi. Under Fuu's teachings, Jo was honed into a powerful warrior, and her morals and drive were sharpened- she gained a life goal in making Fuu proud. In fact, had it not been for Jo's total lack of ability in Kido and Hoho, she could have graduated a few years early.

Because she and Layla were 'young' to Soul Society, Fuu became something of a mother figure to them, though that only served to make Fuu drive them harder. In one training session in her fifth year, Fuu broke a few of Jo's ribs and sent her to the school's medic. This is where Jo met Eliot, then a 20th Seat from the Kido Corps doing a cross-division training for the Fourth Division. Jo almost immediately fell in love, though she was only able to see Eliot in passing. In Jo's sixth year, her graduation mission goes awry and she almost loses her hand. Eliot is the one to patch her up again, and then asks Jo out on a date. This leads to them officially dating by the time Jo graduates. 

Division 7/Espada War: Upon graduation, Jo joins Division 7 and is promised a seat after her mandatory two years of enlistment by the captain, upon recommendation from Fuu. After a year, Jo is immediately deployed to Hueco Mundo in the Normal Operations department, and quickly proves herself an asset in battle. Several years into the war, Jo earns ranks up to 5th Seat, as her leadership and drive in the war inspires subordinates and peers alike. She gains 5th Seat after a mission alongside the lieutenant Yolotli Tenoch, in which the two manage to take down an entire Arrancar platoon and free a POW camp in the meantime. The two become close on the mission, and several years later when the captain is killed, Yolotli becomes captain and promotes Jo to lieutenant, against her advisor's wishes and over seemingly more qualified candidates like the 3rd seat Scott Kings. This causes some dissent in the ranks, and Jo finds she has to work even harder to earn the respect of her fellow senior officers. By the end of the war two years later, and several injuries gained in taking attacks for others and putting herself on point in any mission, Jo earns their respect (and a few reprimands from Eliot on her medical visits). Jo also becomes good friends with the 4th's 3rd seat, Grant Rostov, thanks to her frequent visits to his medical tent.

Post Espada War: After the war, Jo took over the Military Police department of the 7th, and she and Yolotli lead the division back to peacetime. Jo and Eliot's relationship strengthened as well, and the two began to talk about marriage, spurned on by Jo's close shaves in the war. Jo also received her first major assignment a few years after the war, a secret investigation of reports of a group of rogue Shinigami. She was allowed to pick her own inter-division team, and chose her close friends Layla Vital, Matt Alder, and two friends she made during the war for their abilities, Chris Perri and Ryoji Van. They carry on their investigation for a year, while Jo's normal life continued- including normal missions in the World of the Living, and gaining a guest instructor position at the Academy. During her time instructing, Jo ran into someone she never thought she'd see again: her sister Rae. 

The two's reunion was rocky, as Rae accuses Jo of leaving the family when they needed her, and is furious with Jo for leaving her and never giving Rae a sign she was okay. While Jo tried patching their relationship, her investigation began to hit new leads, and she uncovered a member of the rouges. At the end of the year of investigation, Jo and her team tail the member- right into an ambush. The five investigators, and a young Shinigami Oda Shinichi, are caught in a trap that nearly kills them, and would have if Jo and Layla's captains hadn't been close enough to respond. However, Jo and the others were so close to death, it took intervention from the 12th Division captain to save them.

Exile: Jo and the others were patched up as well as they could be, then injected with the Hollowfication virus by the 12th's captain. At this point, the 12th felt they would have died without it, and the risk was worth the study, something the Captain Commander grudgingly agreed with. The infected Jo and her team were locked in a space/time chamber with properties similar to the Dangai- one day outside was a month inside- and were left to die, hollowfy, or survive. 

Jo, during her hollowfication, met her inner Hollow in her inner world, a being that named herself Muse. Muse, though as powerful as Jo, was the opposite of her in every way, and as such couldn't match Jo's determination. During the battle, she found she was unable to utilize Jo's Zanpakuto properly, and was easily defeated. Upon beating Muse, Jo woke up to find Van and Layla waiting for her, and Matt, Shinichi and Chris still struggling with their Hollows. They all succeeded, however, and the six became the third group of Visored manufactured by Soul Society. The 12th left them in the chamber for four months (ten years inside). With nothing better to do, Jo trained hard, and was able to manifest her Bankai by the time the 12th saw fit to release them.

When they were finally released, Commander Merek, the 12th, and their lieutenants were there to force exile on the new Visoreds. Merek informed them that, though the incident wasn't their fault, their status could not leak to the rest of Soul Society- the could not stay, and would remain listed as MIA. Furious, Jo and Matt attempted to escape, to be able to see their lovers before they left. Merek stopped them easily, and the six were cast out of Soul Society, given Gigai and told to start a new life.

They decide to take up residence in Jo's old hometown, and eke out a life for themselves amongst the living, living easily on fortunes Shinichi had access to thanks to his family- though they all continued their Shinigami training, including taking down Hollows in the area. Jo decided to take odd jobs, teaching and tutoring in her personal skills in playing guitar and bass, surfing, and her old areas of study. She also was able to pursue her old interests, and bought herself a motorcycle with Shin's money. Though she tried to keep herself busy, and became increasingly reckless with her 'life', she couldn't escape thinking about Eliot and Rae, and what they thought had happened to her. Jo and the others lived like that for five years, until one mundane Hollow slaying by Jo and Matt exposed them to something they had never seen before- strange, humanoid hollows. The Shadow. A few days later their apartment is visited by Captain Yolotli, and a newly-appointed Captain Rostov. The two explain that the Seireitei is embroiled in a huge battle, Shinigami vs Shinigami, brought on by the Shadow. They go on to say the Captain Commander himself had been taken over and driven mad by the creatures, and the Gotei needed all the help they could get pushing the Shadows out. Though still angry towards the Gotei for their exile, the Visords agree to return and become reinstated in the Gotei.

Shadow War: Jo and the others return to Soul Society in shambles. Though the military managed to isolate the Shadow inside the Seireitei, casualties were extremely high, and the uninfected Shinigami were pushed back to the edges of the Seireitei. Though thrust into battle, Jo does get to reunite with Eliot, who was heading researching ways to save the infected. With a painfully short day together and a promise that she would return to Eliot, Jo leaves with Yolotli and a joint-division team aiming to push through to the heart of the Seireitei, to take out the person causing the most casualties- the infected Commander Merek. After a three-day push and the loss of most of their squad, Jo and Yolotli find the commander- surrounded by the bodies of several captains and lieutenants. Merek knocks Yolotli out after a few minutes of battle, and Jo's assault lasts only minutes more before Merek manages to slice out her left eye and, in a second strike, cut off her left arm. Before Jo could even attempt to recover, Merek snatched the blade Jo's left hand was holding, and drove it though her chest, severing her spine. 

Instead of dying, however, Jo woke up in her inner world, right into the face of Trickster. The Zanpakuto hastily explains her true nature as an Aspect and offers Jo her contract- as well as offering to merge their reiatsu and bodies together, without which Jo would die. She also warned Jo that they would be breaking Aspect law by merging, and Trickster bringing Jo back from death, and stressed that she didn't know what the consequences of her actions would be. Jo didn't fully understand what Trickster had said, but agreed anyway for the second chance at life. With the agreement set, Jo wakes in Eliot's arms, still mortally injured, but alive. 

During her recovery Jo is offered the 7th Division's co-captain spot, but turns it down. She decides to try and figure out what the consequences of merging with Trickster would be before officially re-joining the Gotei. Her recovery leads her back into fighting for the Gotei... and that's where my AU takes off.


"My scars are a testament to the battles I've endured... and the ones I've won. There's no reason to be ashamed of 'em. So if I want to not wear a shirt I will damn well not wear a shirt and people will get the fuck over it."

"Look, sometimes you fail. You get cut up, you fall down...  Sometimes life will punch you right in the face and kick you into the dirt. But what makes the difference is whether  you're just gonna lie there and take it or if you're willing to push yourself back up  and punch life straight in the mouth. Fall nine times, get up ten."

"This is my girlfriend,. Eliot. She's my girlfriend…. Oh! Have I mentioned my girlfriend? It's Eliot! She's basically the best person in existence. I think I'm gonna go buy her some flowers… or a pony… or a Corvette…"

"You need to calm your fucking tits."

"Winning isn't the most important thing in the world, but it definitely makes things one hundred percent more satisfying."

"Strap in for maximum amusement."

Random trivia
-Jo's character song is 'Can't Stop' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 'Kill Your Heroes' by AWOLNATION
-Her voice actress would be Angie Harmon
-Her favorite colors are pale blue and copper
-Her blood type is O+
-She used to be able to play the bass and the guitar well before she lost her arm
-Her favorite band is secretly The Spice Girls
EDIT: Streamlined a few things, her Bankai is a bit different, changed her abilities up and gave her her own Zanjutsu style (Pain no Michi~) and she finally has a HISTORY.
Indeed, she and Layla dated... for like a month haha. Anyway, this is pretty much as finished as it will be until her kids come along~ Comments=love C:

Right, the stat system I used is here-

And of course Jo's has to be long as hell :P

Anyway, updated profile for my main lady, Jo. I hope you like it! Please crit/comment if you like ^^

READ: Yes, she is not Japanese, and most of the names mentioned aren't either. This is AU, and in this universe Soul Society doesn't discriminate haha (meaning all nations go to the same place)

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Do I even have the credentials to do one of these? Oh well everyone loves feedback so here we go.

First to get things started here this sheet is very detailed and everything is explained very well. I can clearly see all details of the abilities and in which situation they might be used solely form the description. I enjoyed the idea if "Aspects" it really makes Jo stand out as an Oc along with the details of her contract explaining the advantages and weakness. I also liked how her past is explained but isn't too lengthy in each segment and gives you enough to understand her position.

I hope this was useful :D
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Critique by OfTheFifth Aug 29, 2012, 7:57:54 PM
Hey, sorry for taking so long to get to this, life… blah. ^^; Anyways; here we go:

Let me first start by saying that the entirety of what's to come aside, I just kind of love her name. I'm really happy looking at her middle name. :P I know it isn't saying much, but when a profile has something to catch the viewer's attention off the bat (similar to how an intro grabs a reader) it makes it more exciting to read on. For most people I assume it probably wouldn't be a middle name, but I don't often see Bleach OC with middle names, and that struck me as something kind of unique and interesting. :3

Vision: I gave you 5 stars in vision because the creativity you put into Jo blew me away. You've managed to mix both the canon and non-canon alike into her history which is a hard feat, and you did it in a way that didn't make her seem pompous and with which you used very good grammar and story telling skill that I imagine could rival Trickster's. :P I love the list of her traits, because she seems like the kind of person someone would want to have around them. Not a perfect person, mind you, just a decent one, and decent people are few and far between. I think 5 stars was easily earned.

Originality As I stated, you did manage to merge two worlds into an AU that I can only assume makes for a very good read. It sounds interesting and crafty, and I've stated - also - how much I like Jo so I've awarded you 5 stars in originality, too.

Technique I think the whole of the bio came together very nicely, and it's clear that you put a lot of effort into it. So much effort in fact, that when I finish this review I'm going to take some hints and go back through my bio to give it a little more depth. :P That being said, I gave you four and a half stars in technique because of the contract information section at the very beginning. I know that it is a necessary part and needs to remain in the bio, I think that possibly by having it at the very beginning you could potentially confuse your viewers. I only say this because when I read it first I was incredibly confused as to why she would be fighting Yamamoto and what an Aspect was. I'm not sure how to fix this, or if it's a large enough problem to fix at all, but I thought I'd bring it to your attention none-the-less.

Impact 5 stars to impact as well. I believe impact, where a character bio is concerned, essentially means how much do you like this character by the end of the bio. (Or how little you like them depending on how many stars given.) So to this I can happily say I think she's fucking fantastic. :P I like her story, her background, her mannerisms, but mostly I like that she's human and inhuman at one. She's got the powers of a shinigami, an Aspect and a Vizard. Having so many powers given to one character starts leaning to mary-sueness, but you countered that because her powers aren't all mighty. They've each got their drawbacks and that humanizes her. And I told you I just really like her personality. She's a memorable character and you did very well with her bio.

It's clean, bolded where appropriate, has good grammar and features a solid character. I don't see too much to improve on this end.

I hope this critique was a bit helpful (It's my first time writing one but I tried to be moderately thorough. :3)
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