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December 14, 2012
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(I highly suggest taking a look at the examples before you fill this out C: )

----Personal Information----

(First, middle?, last)
Age: Died at (-), Actual age is (-)
Birthday (day, month)
Sex: (male, female, transsexual, ect)
Species: (shinigami, vizard, quincy, arrancar, ect)
--- (Note- describe vizard mask here if they have one, if not get rid of this line)
Race: (ethnicity- Japanese, German, half-blah and blah, ect)
Nationality: (Where were they a citizen while human?)
Sexual Preference: (hetero-, homo-, a-, pan-, ect)


Significant Other: (Who are they dating? Or 'none')
Known Family: (Family members? Clan? Put in their status if you want (active, deceased, retired, whatever)

---Professional Information----

Affiliation: (Gotei 13, Aizen's army, ect)
Rank: (Seat or number, or 'none', any other things of interest (clan head?))
Former rank: (what were they previously? Student? Enlisted? Regular hollow? Retired? Any old positions held)
Partner: (Do they have a work/battle partner?)


Height: (label if it's metric or standard)
Weight: (label lbs or kg or whatever)
Eyes (eye color and shape)
Hair (color, style, length, facial hair?)
Build/body: (body type, cup size, muscles, fat, whatever. Include skin tone)

Distinguishing features:
--(brands, ect. Separate each with a bullet point)

-(Describe normal outfit or style, where they wear their weapon, any jewelry, ect.)

- (if they have another distinct outfit (like a gigai) separate and describe with anther bullet)


DO NOT MAKE A LIST OF PERSONALITY TRAITS. This is lazy. Saying 'protective' or 'perverted' does not portray your character. Explain how they embody those traits; say why they are the way they are (your OC's personality should reflect in their history!)

--(Start with a general overview. Keep in mind your personality should be realistic, and not contradict itself or the character's age/upbringing. If your OC is 14, they are not going to be wise or experienced. If your OC is described as 'usually sweet and gentle but will flip out and hurt people because blah, rethink it. Also, do not give your OC a mental disorder unless you've done a lot of research. Bipolar disorder is not just 'she's happy sometimes an murderous at the flip of a hat!'. NO. DO your research.)

-- (Then how they interact with others. If they're in a leadership position, explain what makes them a good leader. Also include negative traits! You should have just as many bad or neutral points as good.)

-- (Anything else not mentioned- how they act in relationships, friendly, subordinate/supervisor, and romantic, ect. Negative and positive)

--(Combat personality- how do they act in a conflict?)

--(Other points, things of interest, ect.)

-- (Again, other points, but this time for the downside of their personality. These bullets don't have to be in this order)

Major quirks/habits
- (What makes your character unique? These are things that make them more 'real')
- (Try to have at least five, but you should be able to make a pretty long list)
-(These should be in tune with their personality.)
-(Ideas: How do they act when nervous? Any vices? Are they flirty? Or do the blush all the time? Do they have mild OCD about anything? Ect, ect)
- (Separate by bullets)

Speech mannerisms
- (Do they have an accent? Deep voice or high pitched voice? Does their voice crack? Ect..)
-(Do they have any favorite sayings?)
-(Do they swear a lot? Or not at all? Anything they avoid saying? Do they mumble or over accentuate?)
-(Anything else of interest? This section is to help you during writing or RPs)


(Any strengths worth mentioning, with a description about it. This section and weaknesses should address the core abilities in Bleach: zanjutsu, hoho, kido, hakuda, and spiritual pressure.)

(Also address anything else: are they freakishly flexible? Agile? Physically strong- past average strength for their species? What about endurance? Are they a species with a unique set of abilities aside from their Zanpakuto? Put that here (like what happens when they don their vizard mask, their cero or bala or whatever)

(Separate each point with a bolded header and an un-bolded paragraph, for instance Hakuda master: and then a description of what makes them so special at this ability)

(DO NOT COMPARE YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES TO OTHER CHARACTERS. 'as fast as Byakuya' or 'as smart as Toshiro'. That is lazy as fuck. It goes for comparing to other people's OCs as well!)

(If they have any named techniques, like in zanjutsu or hakuda, put those in bullets under the description paragraph)

(If your character is a vizard, add that as a strength, then put a short description of their inner hollow as a bullet underneath. Include the hollow's name and basic personality)


(Same format as abilities. Make sure you have weaknesses, and make sure they are actual battle weaknesses. Saying 'explosive anger: has anger problems that make them even stronger and makes them attack everyone' is not a battle weakness, because it makes them stronger. It's a personality flaw.)


(Whatever stat system you like to use, or you can just scrap this part. (I suggest using it though) I use my own system, linked below, or you can use your own or whatever. I've also linked a few others )

----Zanpakuto---- (Or whatever weapon your OC uses, if they're a quincy or fullbringer or whatever. Adjust this section accordingly)

Name: Zanpakuto name in its original language (A translation to the language the writer speaks/writes in)

Type: (Kido, melee, elemental, ect. See Bleach wiki for the common types-linked in description)
(Physical description of the Zanpakuto spirit. Obviously delete this section if your character is an arrancar or doesn't have a Zanpakuto)

---Personality: (The spirit's personality)

Sealed: (physical description of the sealed Zanpakuto or fullbring)

-Sealed abilities: (Can any of the blade's abilities be used when it's sealed?)

Command in zanpakuto's normal language (translation).
---Appearance:(How do they release the blade and what does it look like? What does the actual shikai look like?)

(rename this section 'ressurection' or 'fullbring' or 'whatever the fuck Quincies use' if needed)

-ability name (translation): (then describe the attack. Do separate points for each named ability)

Bankai: (or segunda epta or quincy bullshit or whatever)
bankai/whatever name (translation)
---Release (how do they release their bankai and how does it look?)
---Appearance: (physical description of the bankai/whatever)

(same format as shikai abilities)

Reiatsu color: (self explanatory)
Inner world:(What does their inner world look like?)


(Split into headed paragraphs. For instance- Human life: blah blah blah.
Rukon: blah blah blah)

(The headers should split significant urning points in your character's life. If you're leaving things out because you don't want to spoil your story, make a note of it)


(Quotes, just for fun. Don't put more than five or six)

Random trivia
-(theme song? Blood type? voice actor? Anything else you think is interesting put here, separated by bullets)
EDIT: Changed the format slightly, AND added resources down at the bottom!

This is the template I use for my Bleach OCs, if anyone wants to use it. It can be adapted to other fandoms though.

Anyway! This is free to use as long as you credit me! 


All you have to do is get rid of the tips in parenthesis and follow them haha~ And link me if you use it!

and, you'll need to go in and re-bold and italicize everything, which I highly suggest doing.

here's the stat system I use- snakes-on-a-plane.deviantart.c…… (example of the one used on the wiki)

Here are my examples-
An original species/vizard: (please ask me if you want to make an Aspect/contracted OC)

and a normal shinigami;

canon zanpakuto types:…

Arrancar-specific abilities:…
Quincy-specific abilities:…
Fullbringer-specific abilities:…

Somewhat better than google translator translator:

'How to write a -- character' masterpost:…
List of random character flaws:… (REMEMBER DON'T JUST WRITE A LISTTTT)

Video explaining how ALL ideas are terrible, but you can work to make them work! (Watch, very cool message):…

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