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October 21, 2012
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"Dai, all I'm saying is, if you hit on Kirei you're going to get fucking murdered. Got it?" Jo stated bluntly, glancing up at her tall companion, who was in the midst of rolling his electric blue eyes.

"Look Jo, I'm not making any promises! She's just gonna fall for me, they all do. I can't help my sexiness." Daisuke said with a cocky smirk, reaching down to ruffle Jo's hair, who swatted his hand away immediately.

"Just don't be an idiot around them, alright? Kirei has a mean left hook, and you'll get kicked out of the band so fast your spiky head will spin."

"Don't diss the hair Jo. You're just jealous…"

He trailed off and adjusted his guitar strap, keeping his strides short to keep in pace with Jo. She was freakishly tall but didn't even come close his six feet and ten inches, and he had to work hard to not step on her while he followed her to Kirei's house. She turned to grin at him.

"Yeah I'm so-"

"Hey freaks!!"

The both stopped at the shout and turned to see a group of at least ten boys trailing them, ugly sneers plastered on their faces as they swaggered towards them. They didn't look very friendly, and their black school uniforms didn't help the image.

"Oh, no… Daisuke whispered, backing up slightly. "Jo, we gotta run…"

"What? Why? Who are..?"

"They're from my old school!" He hissed, pushing her back. "They're fucking-"

"Hey Dai… who's your ugly friend?" The lead boy had finally reached them, leaning forward threateningly. Jo tensed, stated edging in front of Daisuke and glanced around the group, clenching her fists when she noticed three of them had bats. And they didn't look like they were going to play baseball.

"Goddammit Dai…" She hissed as the boys backed them into a fence. There was no running now. Daisuke glanced at her, and they both ditched their instruments and bags in preparation.


The tension in Kirei's garage was almost too much for the three teenagers sitting there to handle. Andrew fiddled with his drumset, feigning ignorance to the two girls sitting awkwardly next to each other, having exhausted the easier small-talk topics. Kirei still wasn't sure of how she felt about Sauria, and Sauria was still trying hard to like Kirei. And to get over her envy for the girl.

It didn't help that Andrew accidently mentioned the time Jo and Kirei had drunkenly made out at a party once, increasing Sauria's jealousy of how close the two were immensely. Every once in a while she glanced over at the redhead and looked away just as quickly, cursing inwardly at the attractive girl and then immediately chastising herself for being ridiculous.

Finally, Andrew cleared his throat, sick of the silence.

"So, Sauria, you had Jo worried sick being at the hospital. I'm glad you're feeling better!" He smiled kindly at her, which she returned half-heartedly.

She didn't like that they knew she was sick, but they were Jo's best friends and she needed the support from them.

"Yeah… I always feel pretty good after hospital stays." She didn't continue, fiddling with her hands awkwardly.

"I bet Jo gave you a good welcome home though? She's pretty sappy." He chuckled and earned a more genuine smile from Sauria. Before she could answer Kirei cut in.

"Oh god, the girl's a fucking nutjob. She dragged me to every stupid flower shop in town till she could find the right roses or some shit, and she wouldn't stop yapping about how everything had to be 'just right'." She rolled her eyes. "I told her, fuck flowers! Get the girl some chocolate!"

"You picked out the chocolate?" Sauria asked quietly, finally making eye-contact with Kirei.

"Fuck yeah. When Jo worries she forgets everything. I gotta keep her in line or she can't function over all her romantic crap. She's such nerd." She winked at Sauria, who laughed awkwardly and looked down.

"I know… But I can't say much for her punctuality." Kirei snickered at that.

"Shit, she's never on time. She makes me late for class all the time!"

She opened her mouth to say more when the doorbell rang.

"Dammit, that's not her, she always just barges in…" She gave an all-suffering sigh and stood up, stretching. "I'll be right back…" With that she strode out of the garage, grumbling about salespeople. Sauria and Andrew watched her leave before catching each other's eye and snickering at the grumpy redhead.

Kirei reached her front door and through it open, annoyed.

"Look, I don't want any of your-" She cut herself off at what greeted her.

Daisuke, the freak transfer student, was holding two guitar cases and two bags on one arm, and was half- carrying her best friend with the other. He had a few scrapes on his face and a nasty-looking bruise forming over his temple, and he was staring at Kirei in horror. Jo was propped against him, obviously unable to stand herself. Her jeans were covered in dirt and blood, and her shirt was ripped and bloodier than her pants. The streaky stains Kirei could see on her shoulder were growing slowly, and she stared at them until Jo looked up, a sheepish expression plastered on her face under the bruises, her dark and swollen right eye, and the red oozing from cuts on her forehead and lips.

Daisule didn't say anything, and Kirei was too shocked to react before Jo finally attempted to speak up.

"Hey… Sandbags." Her voice came out a strangled whisper, and she winced at the effort. But it was enough to snap Kirei back, and she fixed her worst glare at Daisuke.

"Get in the fucking house. And you better start talking."
Part one for a fun little Academy story I felt like writing C: I'm gonna start a crosstown school rivalry XDD

Oh Jo, learn how to go a week without getting hurt :P

Part two! [link]

Note! I'll put your OC in this if you like! Interest in it will add more parts C: You just have to comment~ (Pleas say something about my writing too...)

Daisuke belongs to :iconxphire906:

Andrew belongs to :iconmerc-wit-da-mouth:

Sauria belongs to :icondragonofthesand:

Kirei belongs to :icondark---rose:

And Jo is mine C:
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EEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Xphire906 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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More has been posted~
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I kind of just made up a rival high school haha, and Daisuke was expelled from one for accidentally lighting it on fire and it just seemed like a good fit haha
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