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JoxEliot! Just look at those cuties~

Stories in the Works

Fan Stories:
:bulletblack:The Big Bang: My bleach AU, that follows a completely original storyline and group of characters. After several years of peace following the war with the Espada, a new threat appears that turns the Gotei upside-down. Losing several captains and many soldiers, the Gotei is scrambling to make up for their losses and face the new threat, and they're desperate enough to call back old, exiled members to help. Enter Jo Morelli, a former lieutenant who stumbles upon powers that could turn the tide of the war... or claim her life.

:bulletblack:Windstorm: And ATLA story that takes place twenty years before Aang's discovery. Follows a Waterbender searching for her family, a misplaced Earth Nation soldier with a secret, a Dai-Lee agent looking to redeem himself, and a mysterious masked bandit. War brings them together, and leads them to the best-kept secret of the war. Tasked with protecting this secret, the five unlikely saviors find themselves targeted by the two largest nations, with nowhere to run.

:bulletblack: Famous Last Words: A Halo fanstory that follows Spartan-010 after her recoveries from near-fatal injuries as she tries to get back into her role as an emotionless Spartan, tries to get used to her new A.I., and tries to keep her new crew alive.

:bulletblack:Nerdstuck: A Homestuck AU following six nerds as they try to survive the apocalypse, a volitile alien race, and each other. Development for the story can be seen at Nerdstuck

:bulletblack:Lucky Ones: Is a Pokemon AU set on an original region, Veroh, whose Rhythm League is open only to people who already have another league's eight badges. Veroh is a wild, dangerous place with cities separated by miles of wilderness, and our main trio has to keep themselves alive before they can think about taking the league.

Original Stories
:bulletblack:Sector Grey: Takes place on a planet not unlike our own, with a few new sciences at humanity's disposal, where, following a hundred years of peace, religious zealots have taken control of one of the most resource-rich countries and thrown the rest of the world into war. Fifty years into the war, a group of 'super-soldiers' from the zealot's country manage to break free and join the resistance.

:bulletblack:On My Honor: In the high middle ages, two women driven by very different circumstances must impersonate male knights, one to save her family, and one to serve her country's people. Fate will bring them together, and they must protect each other, and their secrets, while trying to achieve the goals that drove them in the first place.

:bulletblack:The Nothing Women: Follows a group of five very different women who band together in the face of the zombie apocalypse. Each of them vows to help the others find who they are looking for, but how long will the bond of mutual need last in the newly kill-or-be-killed world?

:bulletblack:Imperative: Is the story of Rani Segher, a high school student murdered on her way to school one day. In the afterlife she finds that every deity actually exists in a world not unlike the one she just departed, and that she has a second chance at life. She is given three options: remain dead, return to life with no knowledge of the afterlife and a long recovery ahead of her, or be granted powers and a speedy recovery in exchange for working, and fighting, for the spirits. With her body hanging on the edge, Rani must make her decision, quickly.

:bulletblack:Halleluja: After years of trying in vitro, wives Olivia and Piper Morris have given up on having a biological child. That is, until Piper begins to get sick one morning after a missed period... and the two realize she's pregnant. At first, Olivia is horrified and accuses Piper of cheating, and a fight leads to a paternity test. Where they find out, much to their bewilderment, the child is found to be biologically both of theirs. Together they struggle to find an answer, when Olivia's Catholic background points to the least crazy answer: immaculate conception.

:bulletblack:Open Doors: A slice-of-life thing about highschoolers. It deals with romance, identity, and teenage struggles... and kick ass bands of course. The story follows a group of high school kids that join two bands lead by people from the nearby college, and their journey to make a name for themselves.

:bulletblack:Up in Smoke: An AU involving the characters from my Bleach AU in a fantasy setting: Half-demon thief and dancer Layla has gotten herself into trouble by stealing from a wealthy princess, and she calls on a group of unlikely friends to bail her out. This includes werewolf-knight Jo, famed magician Eliot, half-elf guard Matt, and werebear healer Grant (along with some other familiar faces)

:bulletblack:That Escalated Quickly: In the middle of the Gold Rush, a famous outlaw known only as The Scratch has been sweeping through towns and camps, stealing gold and being a nuisance in general. Local authorities are to thinly spread to catch him, but a shopkeeper's daughter in the town The Scratch is supposed to hit next is ready for him- to catch him would get her and her parents the reward they need to survive. However, when she does meet Scratch she gets something a little unexpected, and is thrust into a world she could have never imagined.

Bleach characters

Here's a list of my characters for my Bleach AU!

:bulletblack: Gotei 10

:bulletblack:No squad
Jo Morelli
Matt Alder

:bulletblack: 1st Division
Captain Hattori Fuu
Captain Regan
Lieutenant Oda Seiichi
3rd Seat Rani Tsetsen
Unseated Cosima Oda
Former Captain Sir Merek

:bulletblack: 2nd Division
Captain Tachibana Jun
Captain Altajin
Lieutenant Hayashihara Aiko
Lieutenant Tetsutenki Daisuke
3rd Seat Dar Hmida
7th Seat Isonash
14th Seat Cory Barton
18th Seat Yoshida Hiro

:bulletblack: 3rd Division
Captain Layla Vital
Lieutenant Reuben Rockwell
Lieutenant Marlen Adams
5th Seat Chris Perri
6th Seat Ryoji Van
9th Seat Mizumizushii Kaminira
11th Seat Chesa Tsetsen
12th Seat Shiro Perri
Unseated Oda Shinichi

:bulletblack: 4th Division
Captain Grant Rostov
Captain Victoria Faulkner
Lieutenant Risten
3rd Seat Akar Tsetsen
4th Seat Camilia Danaiv
10th Seat Ketu Tsetsen
15th Seat Tara Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 5th Division
Captain Tasunka Sota
Captain Shawna Kings
Lieutenant Lana Mahi'ai
Lieutenant Constin Serban
4th Seat Daniel Raine
8th Seat Dohna Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 6th Division
Captain Clio Erganes
Captain Merek the 2nd
Lieutenant Sauria Tsalagi
3rd Seat Meiga
4th Seat Annabelle Perri
5th Seat Klara Yevtukh
6th Seat Senge Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 7th Division
Captain Yolotli Tenoch
Captain Song Li
Lieutenant Scott Kings
Lieutenant Zhao Xiang
3rd Seat Aurelia Morelli
5th Seat Gina Mori
6th Seat Kame Mori
19th Seat Ben Crow
20th Seat Kona Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 8th Division
Captain Lise Rockwell
Captain Nitin Ruto
Lieutenant Pieter Wait
Lieutenant Consuela Valdez
6th Seat Nkosi Mubarak
7th Seat Åke Stevensson
9th Seat Tenzin Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 9th Division
Captain Kelzang Dorje
Captain Cesyl Abrogar
Lieutenant Kato Tsetsen
Lieutenant Craig MacAslan
3rd Seat Fionna MacAslan
10th Seat Indira Tsetsen

:bulletblack: Kido Corps
Grand Chief Eliot Rios
Vice Chief Mu
Former Grand Chief Jeon Don

:bulletblack: L Division
Senior Member Sosh Rostov
Senior Member Yoh Chang
Senior Member Tatum Silva
Senior Member Jeon Don
Junior Member Samantha Roscoe

:bulletblack: Unaffiliated
The Prion

:bulletblack: Zodiac Visored
Davi Brose (Dragon)
Carlen Phung (Tiger)
Vanida Dugas (Monkey)
Dominick Ellis (Rabbit)
Joanna Healy (Dog)
Ray Liefsson (Snake)
Tia Lasby (Rat)
Elton Nicoli (Ram)
Lilah Hara (Horse)
Bryce Adessi (Rooster)
DJ Madulin (Ox)
Garret Hana (Boar)
Katherina Maki (Cat)

:bulletblack: No Team
Fullbringer Aysel Demirci
Visored Dominick White
Arrancar Sheva
Arrancar Des Salazar

Oda Clan
Tachibana Clan
Kings Family
Silva Family

:bulletblack: Organizations
Visored 2.0
Saisho no Gādian

:bulletblack: Species


For others:
:bulletblack: knightblood Older Knight, fullbody (finished)
:bulletblack: InkieRose KenshinxHikari, intimate (finished)
:bulletblack: Crimson-Agony Hayata ref sheet (Finished)
:bulletblack: dragonofthesand timeskip Sauria ref sheet (inking)
:bulletblack: knightblood Gift commission (not started)
:bulletblack: MamaMoose AT (restarted)
:bulletblack: Merc-Wit-da-Mouth Markos, fullbody shikai (not started)
:bulletblack: Tekken vs Fuu sketch (not started)
:bulletblack: Nemesis vs Jo comic (sketching)
:bulletblack: Headshot requests (need scanner)
:bulletblack: Headshots for River (sketching)
:bulletblack: Battle High lyriccomic (thumbing)

:bulletblack: ranger shinigami (2/6)
:bulletblack: Sealed Zanpakuto refs (need non-katanas)
:bulletblack: Shikai refs
:bulletblack: Bankai refs
:bulletblack: Fullbody refs v
:bulletblack: Nude refs ^
:bulletblack: Division portraits
:bulletblack: headshots (2/?)
:bulletblack: mini bios, captains (13/20)
:bulletblack: mini bios, lieutenants (5/20)
:bulletblack: mini bios, side characters (*jumps off cliff*)
:bulletblack: Soundtracks
:bulletblack: Wiki pages




request joinme

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 1:26 PM
terminallyCalamitous [TC] began pestering DeviantART [DA] at 12:54

sketch reqs-


Soooo if I offered pencil fullbodies like these- snakes-on-a-plane.deviantart.c… for lie $10 each, would anyome be interested? (Each takes about 1.5 hours, plus research) 

idk garnering interest first. I still have a que to finish


(This will happen tonight (probably))
I want to play, but also want to do some work outside of my own ideas... so in a couple hours I'll be running a quick 'concept jam' joinme, where I'll do requests the OCs you guys have never had drawn before. It'll be a fun time~ 

Please either have a really good text reference or some photo refs (esp for hair b/c hair and I don't get along haha)


Had to get that other journal down cause it's bogging my page up, loading-time wise. 

Just a little update... I've got 4 jobs now (hah yeeyy) buuut I've also developed crazy insomnia so I've been really productive on the drawing front. It helps that one of my jobs is easy enough for me to draw traditionally while I'm at work~ So I'll be posting as much as possible

And I've been working on my Wiki pages for the OCs and concepts and stuff, so if you want to take a look just let me know. 

I'm focusing now on doing fullbodies for my lieutenants and finalizing the designs for my Espada. If you have an arrancar OC in my AU, when I post them you can tell me who you want your OC to be a fraccion of.

Speaking of that, if you have an OC in my AU and haven't given me even a short profile yet, please hurry uppppppp, or talk to me about it... or I probably won't use them. Sorry :/ ain't got time to wait around!

Also also, I'm really slow to reply to messages... I have like 400 comments and deviations to go through, and I'm more focused on posting atm so... I'll get to it. Eventually. 

How are you all doing?


Drunk homosexual
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Your name is JORDAN. You are currently running on nothing but
COFFEE and SARCASM because you don't know how to cook or
sleep by yourself. You have a variety of INTERESTS, so many,
in fact, that it is difficult to keep track of them.
You have a passion for SCIENCE, competition and CRUSHING THE HOPES AND
California activities such as SURFING and BEING BLONDE. You partake in the
art of RUINING NICE PHOTOS by making dumb and/or unattractive faces.
And, you happen to look quite DASHING in a TOP HAT and a MOUSTACHE.

What will you do?


Welcome to my page~ Here you'll find that I am obsessed
with making OCs and stories. At the moment, my main focus
is my Bleach AU called The Big Bang.

Though I do have several other fandoms that
I draw for, including ATLA, Homestuck, Halo, Pokemon, and Naruto (rarely)

I also have several original stories in the works, which
you can read about here: [link]

And I have a joint account just for Homestuck! Seen here- Nerdstuck

And of course, deviantart has let me meet some pretty awesome people!

:iconsora-shintaro: :iconxphire906:

And of course, artists that inspire me to
get better (that I don't know personally)~


Have you ever had someone get mad at you for not commenting, even though they don't comment on your stuff? 

7 deviants said Can't say that I have
5 deviants said Yep
4 deviants said Me: It's like.... ???? ?? ???? ??? Hypocrite much???
4 deviants said I mean, I usually only mutually comment now, so I usually only will if they return the favor (unless they're leagues better than me and we aren't mutual watchers, ofc. Which goes for a lot of the people I follow anyway haha)


Ookay, here we go~ As I said, I love Ren, and I'm probably not going to find much wrong here XD General info: Everything looks good here, it's always refreshing to see unseated OCs, since everyone seems to think gaining a seat is incredibly easy right out of the academy~ Again, I love the pairing, a...

Okkaaay here we go.. I don't think I'll find much to crit though~ General info: haha, the nicknames~ And he's a youngin too Anyway, all good and relevant. Appearance is well written, though I usually advise against using words like 'handsome' when describing your own OCs. The rest is really good, an...

Official Pairings!

I love making pairings~ Ask me to RP sometime!

Official Pairings!
:bulletred: Jo Morelli x Eliot Rios

:bulletred: Matt Alder x Cory Barton (both belong to markerart)

:bulletred: Davi Brose x Ysabel Osario

:bulletred: Layla Vital x Sauria (Sauria belongs to dragonofthesand)

:bulletred: Fuu Hattori x Katsumi Fujimoto (Sauria belongs to dragonofthesand)

:bulletred: Rae Morelli x Juno Edwards (Juno belongs to XBrokenRiversX)

:bulletred: Åke Stevensson x Rei Sasaki (Rei belongs to XBrokenRiversX)

:bulletred: Shinichi Oda x Tsubasa Kuchiki (Tsubasa belongs to Xerevantes)

:bulletred: Cosima Oda x Gina Mori (Gina belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletred: Lana Mahi'ai x Kame Mori (Kame belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletred: Scott Kings x Yanmei Ruon (Yanmei belongs to Merc-Wit-da-Mouth)

:bulletred: Katherina Maki x Reaver Strurmgeiru (Reaver belongs to Crimson-Agony)

:bulletred: Des Salazar x Kaminari (Kaminari belongs to Crimson-Agony)

:bulletred: Grant Rostov x Kotone Yamanote (Kotone belongs to KirasDarkLight)

:bulletred: Hayashihara Aiko x Tetsutenki Daisuke (Daisuke belongs to Xphire906)

Pairs in the works!

:bulletblue: Reuben Rockwell x Mai Kimura (Mai belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletblue: Yolotli Tenoch x Koji Matsuoka (Koji belongs to Merc-Wit-da-Mouth)

:bulletblue: Merek Faucon II x Celia Muzai (Celia belongs to ThatJewelChick)


These are canon pairings I support! If you don't like them, I don't really care, and please respect my OTPs.

:heart: Yoruichi Shihoin x Soi Fon (Bleach) :heart:

:heart: Rose Lalonde x Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck)

:heart: Roxy Lalonde x Calliope (Homestuck)

:heart: Sokka x Suki (ATLA)

:heart: Korra x Asami Sato (Legend of Korra)

:heart: Cosima Neihaus x Delphine Comier (Orphan Black)

:heart: Naruto Uzamaki x Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

:heart: Utena Tenjou x Anthy Himemiya (Utena)

:heart: Riza Hawkeye x Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

:heart: Winry Rockabell x Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

:heart: Marceline x Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

:heart: Brittany Pierce x Santana Lopez (Glee)

:heart: Gabrielle x Xena (Xena)

:heart: Daenerys Targaryen x Khal Drogo (STILL NOT OVER IT)

I also have several NOtps, so please do not ask me to draw or support them. I will laugh at you.

:bulletblack: Makorra, AmonKorra (LoK)
:bulletblack: GrimmSoi (horrible pair, nothing good about it), SoiGgio, (even worse), YoruxIchigo (Bleach)
:bulletblack: Pretty much every other Soi Fon ship
:bulletblack: Eliccest, EdxRoy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
:bulletblack: Finchel, Bram (Glee)
:bulletblack: SarahxPaul (Orphan Black)
:bulletblack: SasuSaku (Naruto)
:bulletblack: Kanaya<3Karkat, Dersecest (Homestuck)


snakes-on-a-plane has started a donation pool!
3,527 / 4,000
Commissions are closed because I have lost control of my life!

Might do an art trade if you ask nicely~
I do gifts for friends and designs I like only... so no bitching

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    Donated Aug 26, 2012, 4:15:58 PM
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    Donated Jul 28, 2012, 11:01:53 PM


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