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JoxEliot! Just look at those cuties~

Bleach characters

Here's a list of my characters for my Bleach AU!

:bulletblack: Gotei 10

:bulletblack:No squad
Jo Morelli
Matt Alder

:bulletblack: 1st Division
Captain Hattori Fuu
Captain Regan
Lieutenant Oda Seiichi
3rd Seat Rani Tsetsen
Unseated Cosima Oda
Former Captain Sir Merek

:bulletblack: 2nd Division
Captain Tachibana Jun
Captain Altajin
Lieutenant Hayashihara Aiko
Lieutenant Tetsutenki Daisuke
3rd Seat Dar Hmida
7th Seat Isonash
14th Seat Cory Barton
18th Seat Yoshida Hiro

:bulletblack: 3rd Division
Captain Layla Vital
Lieutenant Reuben Rockwell
Lieutenant Marlen Adams
5th Seat Chris Perri
6th Seat Ryoji Van
9th Seat Mizumizushii Kaminira
11th Seat Chesa Tsetsen
12th Seat Shiro Perri
Unseated Oda Shinichi

:bulletblack: 4th Division
Captain Grant Rostov
Captain Victoria Faulkner
Lieutenant Risten
3rd Seat Akar Tsetsen
4th Seat Camilia Danaiv
10th Seat Ketu Tsetsen
15th Seat Tara Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 5th Division
Captain Tasunka Sota
Captain Shawna Kings
Lieutenant Lana Mahi'ai
Lieutenant Constin Serban
4th Seat Daniel Raine
8th Seat Dohna Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 6th Division
Captain Clio Erganes
Captain Merek the 2nd
Lieutenant Sauria Tsalagi
3rd Seat Meiga
4th Seat Annabelle Perri
5th Seat Klara Yevtukh
6th Seat Senge Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 7th Division
Captain Yolotli Tenoch
Captain Song Li
Lieutenant Scott Kings
Lieutenant Zhao Xiang
3rd Seat Aurelia Morelli
5th Seat Gina Mori
6th Seat Kame Mori
19th Seat Ben Crow
20th Seat Kona Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 8th Division
Captain Lise Rockwell
Captain Nitin Ruto
Lieutenant Pieter Wait
Lieutenant Consuela Valdez
6th Seat Nkosi Mubarak
7th Seat Åke Stevensson
9th Seat Tenzin Tsetsen

:bulletblack: 9th Division
Captain Kelzang Dorje
Captain Cesyl Abrogar
Lieutenant Kato Tsetsen
Lieutenant Craig MacAslan
3rd Seat Fionna MacAslan
10th Seat Indira Tsetsen

:bulletblack: Kido Corps
Grand Chief Eliot Rios
Vice Chief Mu
Former Grand Chief Jeon Don

:bulletblack: L Division
Senior Member Sosh Rostov
Senior Member Yoh Chang
Senior Member Tatum Silva
Senior Member Jeon Don
Junior Member Samantha Roscoe

:bulletblack: Unaffiliated
The Prion

:bulletblack: Zodiac Visored
Davi Brose (Dragon)
Carlen Phung (Tiger)
Vanida Dugas (Monkey)
Dominick Ellis (Rabbit)
Joanna Healy (Dog)
Ray Liefsson (Snake)
Tia Lasby (Rat)
Elton Nicoli (Ram)
Lilah Hara (Horse)
Bryce Adessi (Rooster)
DJ Madulin (Ox)
Garret Hana (Boar)
Katherina Maki (Cat)

:bulletblack: No Team
Fullbringer Aysel Demirci
Visored Dominick White
Arrancar Sheva
Arrancar Des Salazar

Oda Clan
Tachibana Clan
Kings Family
Silva Family

:bulletblack: Organizations
Visored 2.0
Saisho no Gādian

:bulletblack: Species


For others:
:bulletblack: knightblood Older Knight, fullbody (finished)
:bulletblack: InkieRose KenshinxHikari, intimate (finished)
:bulletblack: Crimson-Agony Hayata ref sheet (Finished)
:bulletblack: dragonofthesand timeskip Sauria ref sheet (inking)
:bulletblack: knightblood Gift commission (not started)
:bulletblack: MamaMoose AT (restarted)
:bulletblack: Merc-Wit-da-Mouth Markos, fullbody shikai (not started)
:bulletblack: Tekken vs Fuu sketch (not started)
:bulletblack: Nemesis vs Jo comic (sketching)
:bulletblack: Headshot requests (need scanner)
:bulletblack: Headshots for River (sketching)
:bulletblack: Battle High lyriccomic (thumbing)

:bulletblack: ranger shinigami (2/6)
:bulletblack: Sealed Zanpakuto refs (need non-katanas)
:bulletblack: Shikai refs
:bulletblack: Bankai refs
:bulletblack: Fullbody refs v
:bulletblack: Nude refs ^
:bulletblack: Division portraits
:bulletblack: headshots (2/?)
:bulletblack: mini bios, captains (13/20)
:bulletblack: mini bios, lieutenants (5/20)
:bulletblack: mini bios, side characters (*jumps off cliff*)
:bulletblack: Soundtracks
:bulletblack: Wiki pages




OC feature journal!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 30, 2014, 2:49 PM
terminallyCalamitous [TC] began pestering DeviantART [DA] at 12:54

I feel liiiike doing some stuff with our lovely Bleach community and highlighting some ocs! So let's do some chain feature journals C: 

Comment and I'll pick three of your Bleach OCs to feature (the ones I like the best). If you don't have that many, I'll just showcase art from your gallery of your OC.

The only rule is to post a feature journal yourself, and pick your favorite three of my OCs to put on there. So let's do it!

1. Wrath of the Segunda by Crimson-Agony Reaver! Well duh he's my fave, he's an awkward mess and I love him 
2. Ash The Skater By Rush--It by Crimson-Agony Ash, the too school for cool former captain. I don't even know why but the dreadlock/longboarding/chill as ice combination is perf
3. Mi Reina Y Su Principe by Crimson-Agony Ghenaro. Just look at him, what a hot.

1. Nagato Hirokazu (Angelo) by Sora-Shintaro Nagato, because that's a dope design!
2. The Moons Evolution by Sora-ShintaroClassy man by Sora-Shintaro and a few of Sora, one of the first OCs I interacted with~ Who doesn't like dark hair and blue eyes?

1. : Bleach OC - Shakti Malakar by c-hemistry Shatki! She's an adorable little doot and that design and the 2nd division and I love her okay. Look at her zanpakuto tho just look at it.

2. - Captain-Commander Miyamoto by c-hemistry Hideki, because crotchety old people are my favorite and his combination of stoic asshole and trying to escape from his short androgynous looks are even more my favorite.

3. : Jun Kita by c-hemistry Jun! I don't know much about her yet but she's a pink haired badass and that's always okay.

1. Bleach OC: Torukage Shura _ Division 5 by rei-kiri Shura! I just love her design and I also have a thing for chinese guardian lions. A THING. 

2. 3rd Division Captain_ Hokuto Nishimura by rei-kiri Hokuto- I don't know that much about him (kinda goes for everyone but Masaoko ehe) but his design is rad, espaecially the lines with the tattoos

3. Masako's New Ref by rei-kiri And ofc there's Masako, since you don't see many main ocs in the kido corps~ Plus her Zanpakuto is wicked, and quite unique with its concept.

1. Captains of Virtue by KirasDarkLight Actually my favorite doesn't have a full picture yet *sideyes KDL* but it's Kotone Yamanote~ Her totally not grumpy at all division 6 captain. 

2. Nigawarai Makaze - Third Squad Captain by KirasDarkLight Nigawari! He's a cutie, and I love his Zanpakuto~ There's always room for super polite and respectful dudes here

3. Gift: MIDORI YOH by KlaudNYNE WOMAN PUT PICS OF YOUR OCS IIIN YOUR GALLERY! Anyway I also picked Yoh, because we rep handicapped badasses here on my page

1. Captain of Division Four, Byrne Macnamara----Personal Information----
Name: Byrne Macnamara
Age: Appears to be Twenty-seven
Birthday: December Thirteenth
Sex: Male
Hand: Right
Species: Shinigami
Race: ½ Irish ½ French
Nationality: Soul Society
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Affiliation: Gotei Thirteen
Rank: Captain of Division Four
Former rank: Lieutenant of Division Four
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eyes: Dark green, one white *blind*
Hair: White with a purple streak in his bangs.
Build/body: Wiry, but nicely built.
Distinguishing features: Has several piercings. Also has a vertical scar over his left eye and eyebrow, causing him to be blind in that eye.
-Regular hakama.
-Haori is a double-breasted military duster
-Has a purple armband on his right arm.
-Wears black, fingerless tekkou gloves.
-Purple scarf around his neck that he keeps over his mouth most of the time.
-- Indifferent: The main thing people wi
Byrne! I don't know what it is about this guy but I've always liked him. Plus him and Nanouk interacting makes me laugh, she really pushes his buttons

2. Division Zero Captain, Kateri----Personal Information----
Name: Kateri (Mohawk for night)
Age: Appears to be 27
Birthday: August 12th
Sex: Female
Hand: Right
Species: Shinigami
Race: Native American, Mohawk
Nationality: America
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Relationship: Akira Fitzgerald (belongs to :iconinkierose:
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Rank: Captain of Division Zero (Group, not to be confused with the Royal Guard)
Former rank: Lieutenant of the Garrison 14
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown, and styled into a mohawk/ponytail; tied at the end by two feathers.
Build/body: Shapely, well built; gets more so in shikai
Distinguishing features: Large bear claw scar on her chest.
- Sleeveless uniform.
- No shoes
- Circular rimmed glasses
- Haori with no sleeves, or sides so it just drapes over her shoulders.
- One armband on her left arm.
-- Serious: Kateri doesn't often smile, and has no need for jokes or relaxing. She
Kateri! She's new(ish) but I already like her, plus she comes with a new spin on the 0 division. And I kind of really want to draw her Shikai?? YEAH!

3. Captain Commander, Koji Matsuoka sheet----Personal Information----
Name: Koji Matsuoka
Age: Appears to be 35, actual age unknown
Birthday: March Twenty-fifth
Sex: Male
Hand: Ambidextrous
Species: Shinigami
Race: Japanese
Nationality: Japan
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Affiliation: Gotei Thirteen
Rank: Captain of Division One, Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen
Former rank: Captain of unknown Division
Height: 5’8” (177.8 cm.)
Weight: 169
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Gray, and short cropped
Build/body: Athletic, something like a swimmer’s build
Distinguishing features: Many scars including a large scar covering the right side of his neck, shoulder, and chest
-Regular uniform
- Sleeveless haori. The haori is torn, and dirty in some areas since he has had it since he first became a captain, only ever getting the division changed. The haori has dark green piping on the edges.
-Wears brown prayer beads around his neck.
-Also wears steel-based geta sa
Koji! Commanders that grow plants? Makes wine but barely drinks? Patient enough to try and date Yolotli? Hell yeah

1. Bleach OC- Kagnetsugu Yamaguchi by Ryu-HQ (okay I really feel weird showing my own art on here but it's the only pic...) Anyway, Kangetsugu! Really interesting background, plus I love his design~ Under his pretty hair lies some not so prettyness and I can dig that~

2. Bleach OC- Ainzta Orizaga by Ryu-HQ Ainzta- good eye on picking that design, and venus flytrap is a bril choice for her base powers. Plus her personality is one of my favorite kinds, and perfect for an arrancar

3. Bleach OC: Fenrir Horn by Ryu-HQ Fenrir- banished shinigami with a plan, I like the sound of that~ I really like the design and would love to know more about him!

1. Kenpachi Tigressa by Kite2014 Tigressa! A fucking luchador Shinigami, I've never seen one in my life and she's so awesome I just can't even. 

2. Abe Moeka by Kite2014 Abe- a division 4 captain, but I just can't help hoping she uses that parasol for more lethal pursuits than just blocking the sun~ Also her outfit is hella unique, I love it!

3. Henri Fontaine by Kite2014 Henri- the description on him made me laugh- he's a fashion princess and I really enjoy that every pic is of him taking a selfie

1. Is That a Challenge~? by ThatJewelChick JEWEL I LOVE HER she is such an asshole and her teeth and dat pink ass hair. I just love her, okay. Such a great OC I swear

2. Celia's Post Timeskip Design by ThatJewelChick Celia! Totally not biased at all, nope. But she's a flippin cutie~

3. Second Lieutenant Airi by ThatJewelChick Airi! Okay this is a completely shallow choice because I just love her design. Chicky please tell me more about her I nEed to know

1. Kai by Moonlitpetal Kai- blue hair and glasses! Electric type division 4 captian!! His personality is super cute, a family man and a workaholic, aww yeah

2. Kajika by Moonlitpetal Kajika- holy shit look at that design, what a badaasss. I'm in love with that jacket. Plus he's a selective mute and likes to touch butts... a win in my book

3. CM - Tarek Rahimi by Moonlitpetal I picked him purely for his design because it EXACTLY matches his personality. That's choice (plus I dig scarves man)

1. Captain Commandar Dalili by InkieRose Dalili. A completely shallow choice? PROBABLY BUT LOOK AT HER come oN.

2. Kirei Jaques - Reference Sheet by InkieRose Kirei, but I mean it should probably be pretty obvious how much I like Kirei by how often I draw that crazy huge boobied ginger! I mean really. 

3. Character Busts - Females by InkieRose Sandra! Whaaaaat a cutie, in looks and personality- bein a goofball and self depreciating humor is where it's AT. She's just adorable sfjkhs

1. H. Tsuribakki: Peaceful One by NexusYuber Tsuribakki- maybe I just have a thing for captain commanders, or gentle giants but I've always really liked this guy! His zanpakuto is crazy awesome (and powerful) Plus I love his background- a peaceful man that evolved from a bloodthirsty background

2. Barracuda Marracruz: The Cero by NexusYuber Barracuda- a man with a vision, I love his personality and I can get behind the idea of an organized leader for the hollow, one that brings civilization instead of chaos. Very neat OC indeed

3. Yanagi Tsuyu: Unpredictable by NexusYuber Yanagi- one of his less fleshed out OCs but I'm drawn to her design and her concept, and I hope to see more of her soon!

1. Arrancar in training by AutoBubbs Diega- really neat design, mantis base (rad as fuck) and really cool zanpakuto! 

2. The brother (WiP) by AutoBubbs Only named 'the brother' so far, but I really dig his hair+design~

3. Da Bear... clothed by AutoBubbs And this guy, with his badass trenchcoat~ Very coll design!

1. Let's Race, Tenma by Betneybob Kage Oni- I've always liked her the best out of your ocs, I think it's her personality combined with her backstory and her motherly.. ness towards Rika. I really like her Zanpakuto too, always had a fondness for demons haha

2. The clown that won't smile by Betneybob Suki! I love that design, unf! I couldn't find a profile but she seems awesome so far~

3. Kita profile
----Personal Information----
Name: Kita Yukimaru
Age: Died at 19, actual age is 213
Birthday: 1st December
Sex: Female
Species: shinigami
Race: Japanese
Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
Relationship:  Single
Significant Other: None
Known Family:  N/A
---Professional Information----
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Rank: Regular 10th squad member
Former rank: Academy student
Partner: Shou
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Pale green, wide set eyes
Hair: Very light blonde hair, currently in dreadlocks
-Kita has a hourglass figure with light muscles.
-Pale skin.
Distinguishing features:
--Has a few scars scars scattered a over her body but not many. Most are from scrapes and bumps.
–Stud earrings
--Labret Piercing
--Tattoo of the outlines of hands on her bottom.
--Always wears red lipstick
--Tongue piercing.
-Wears the shinigami uniform with the sleeves cut off to the elbow and the bottoms tu
Kita! I j ust , really like how she looks? And not many people like to do lower ranked members, so that's cool annnd her Zanpakuto is metal based with magnetism thrown in so that is also raddd as heck

1. Cuarto: Pastora Villalobos by XProdigy Pastora- I don't like arrancar as much as shinigami in most cases, but Pastora has to be my favorite out of your ocs~ Dealing with your self esteem issues by slaughtering thousands of people? That's one way to do it! And her design is wiicked

2. Umeko Yamaguchi: The Sorrowful One by XProdigy Umeko! I LOVE GHOST STORIES and a ghost captain!? This is such a cool idea, I love it and could watch an entire series about her... seriously this has to be one of the most unique stories for a captain I've seen, dang. I want to know everything about her 

3. Tsubasa Jouda: The Hornet's Nest by XProdigy Tsubasa- I had a hard time picking between a few for the last, but her design and mysterious backstory gave her the edge~ Plus I'd really like to know what being the chief of propaganda means~

1. :Mosii Yutani: Bleach OC by BladeKat MosHII she's wonderful and her hair and dat outfit. Well balanced and def awesome Zanpakuto. She's gr8 check her out!

2. Rylee Linnea Full Profile
Name: Rylee Linnea
Race: Shinigami
Age: appears to be in early thirties.
Birthday: Dec 16th
Gender: Female
H/W:  6'0" … 166lbs
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Division/Rank: 4th Seat, 11th division.  
Appearance: Tall, dark skinned, body builder type of woman. She comes across as fairly masculine with how buff she is and her squared off jaw. She has long dark brown hair that is dreaded with beads in it. She's got a triangle shape to her, with her shoulders being wider than her hips, and she has a small built waist. She has very muscular legs as well, and big feet for a female.
Personality: Type A, Gun-ho, Impulsive, woman. She's got fire in her heart and lets everyone see it. She occasionally has a problem with authority when she's given orders she disagrees with, and has no problem voicing how she feels about the issue. She's constantly pushing those around her to work harder and 'practice the way you play'. She is very out spoken and
Rylee! Dope design, and who doesn't love an 11th divisioner~ and her zan' is super unique, diggin iiiit!

3. Bleach OC Full Profile: Captain Akai Metsuki
Name: Akai Metsuki
Race: Shinigami
Age: appears to be 28-29
Birthday: Jan 1
Gender: Female
H/W:  5'9" … 147lbs
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Division/Rank: Captain of the 4th Division
Appearance: Very long white/silver hair that is pulled half up into a messy bun. She's built lean and tall, with a decent amount of toned musculature. She's got a strong core, and has a pinched waist as her only true 'curve'. Her chest is fairly petite. She's got long limbs and they're fairly toned. Her Haori has a large hood to cover her head while she's out and about, or she must wear a head scarf if she isn't wearing the Haori and is in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Personality: An aloof, intelligent, botany loving, neat freak. She is rather quiet upon first meeting her, but she is actually quite witty. She is very proper and demure, carries herself like nobility; even though her family is only upper-middle class in Rukongai. She has a problem with st
Akai! She looks awesome and a really intersting backstory- plus you don't see many ocs with a condition like hers


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Your name is JORDAN. You are currently running on nothing but
COFFEE and SARCASM because you don't know how to cook or
sleep by yourself. You have a variety of INTERESTS, so many,
in fact, that it is difficult to keep track of them.
You have a passion for SCIENCE, competition and CRUSHING THE HOPES AND
California activities such as SURFING and BEING BLONDE. You partake in the
art of RUINING NICE PHOTOS by making dumb and/or unattractive faces.
And, you happen to look quite DASHING in a TOP HAT and a MOUSTACHE.

What will you do?


Welcome to my page~ Here you'll find that I am obsessed
with making OCs and stories. At the moment, my main focus
is my Bleach AU called The Big Bang.

Though I do have several other fandoms that
I draw for, including ATLA, Homestuck, Halo, Pokemon, and Naruto (rarely)

I also have several original stories in the works, which
you can read about here: [link]

And I have a joint account just for Homestuck! Seen here- Nerdstuck

And of course, deviantart has let me meet some pretty awesome people!

:iconsora-shintaro: :iconxphire906:

And of course, artists that inspire me to
get better (that I don't know personally)~


Should I make an art tumblr? Just for sketches and concepts, then only post more finished stuff and writing here 

13 deviants said ye
4 deviants said no, just post sketches here


Ookay, here we go~ As I said, I love Ren, and I'm probably not going to find much wrong here XD General info: Everything looks good here, it's always refreshing to see unseated OCs, since everyone seems to think gaining a seat is incredibly easy right out of the academy~ Again, I love the pairing, a...

Okkaaay here we go.. I don't think I'll find much to crit though~ General info: haha, the nicknames~ And he's a youngin too Anyway, all good and relevant. Appearance is well written, though I usually advise against using words like 'handsome' when describing your own OCs. The rest is really good, an...

Official Pairings!

I love making pairings~ Ask me to RP sometime!

Official Pairings!
:bulletred: Jo Morelli x Eliot Rios

:bulletred: Matt Alder x Cory Barton (both belong to markerart)

:bulletred: Davi Brose x Ysabel Osario

:bulletred: Layla Vital x Sauria (Sauria belongs to dragonofthesand)

:bulletred: Fuu Hattori x Katsumi Fujimoto (Sauria belongs to dragonofthesand)

:bulletred: Rae Morelli x Juno Edwards (Juno belongs to XBrokenRiversX)

:bulletred: Åke Stevensson x Rei Sasaki (Rei belongs to XBrokenRiversX)

:bulletred: Shinichi Oda x Tsubasa Kuchiki (Tsubasa belongs to Xerevantes)

:bulletred: Cosima Oda x Gina Mori (Gina belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletred: Lana Mahi'ai x Kame Mori (Kame belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletred: Scott Kings x Yanmei Ruon (Yanmei belongs to Merc-Wit-da-Mouth)

:bulletred: Katherina Maki x Reaver Strurmgeiru (Reaver belongs to Crimson-Agony)

:bulletred: Des Salazar x Kaminari (Kaminari belongs to Crimson-Agony)

:bulletred: Grant Rostov x Kotone Yamanote (Kotone belongs to KirasDarkLight)

:bulletred: Hayashihara Aiko x Tetsutenki Daisuke (Daisuke belongs to Xphire906)

Pairs in the works!

:bulletblue: Reuben Rockwell x Mai Kimura (Mai belongs to Mama-Moose)

:bulletblue: Yolotli Tenoch x Koji Matsuoka (Koji belongs to Merc-Wit-da-Mouth)

:bulletblue: Merek Faucon II x Celia Muzai (Celia belongs to ThatJewelChick)


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Commissions are closed because I have lost control of my life!

Might do an art trade if you ask nicely~
I do gifts for friends and designs I like only... so no bitching

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